Office Phone Booths and Meeting Pods

Step in. Tune out. Find your focus with soundproof meeting and phone pods.

Home Pod

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1 Person Booth

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Zoom Room

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2 Person Booth

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4 Person Pod

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6 Person Pod

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8-10 Person Pod

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Backyard Office Pod

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Nursing Pod

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ADA Nursing Pod

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Universal Wheels

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Really helps me focus.

"Ever since I got the ThinkTanks HomePod, my study game has changed completely! It's the perfect little sanctuary for deep focus. Now I can escape my noisy roommates and dive into my textbooks. Honestly, every student needs one!"."

— Liam, College Student

This gets me in the zone.

"I've always struggled with finding a quiet space to write in my bustling household. The ThinkTanks HomePod has been a godsend. It's my personal writing haven, helping me churn out pieces without any distractions. I've noticed a significant boost in my productivity!."

— Aria, Freelance Writer

Great for remote work.

"With remote work becoming the new norm, the ThinkTanks HomePod has become an essential part of my home office setup. No more unexpected noises during conference calls or distractions while working on tight deadlines. It's like having a professional office booth right in my living room!."

— Derek, Telecommuter

Optimize your workflow with our office phone booths

We create beautifully-designed, fully soundproof office pods for offices and remote workers seeking the perfect workspace.

Our office booths are meticulously designed for focused work. Whether you need a soundproof phone booth for your company’s open office plan or you need a distraction-free place to work in your home, our pods are more than just a quiet space—they’re a fully optimized work environment.

Spaces with style

Stylish pods for all your needs.

Office phone booths

We know the pain of ducking out of an open-plan office to take calls. That’s why we designed a cozy, soundproof phone booth for office workers. With our phone booths, office etiquette—and team morale—can truly thrive.

Meeting pods

A meeting booth is the perfect brainstorming spot for small teams. Whether you need a quiet space for a quick huddle or a fully equipped meeting room for the whole team, we’ve got the perfect pod for you.

Distraction-free space

A soundproof office booth saves you from dealing with the noise of a pricey co-working space. Thanks to our collection of pods, you can plop an entire office in your home or backyard, giving you the additional space you need to flourish.

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Everything you need to focus, and stay focused

Make the most of every business day.

Ergonomic furniture

Comfortable, practical, durable office furniture to keep you in the zone.

LED lighting

Built-in LED lighting system for maximum light and minimum energy usage.

Universal power sockets

Stay charged with 110-240V sockets and Type A and C USB outlets.

Advanced soundproofing

Sound reduction of up to 32.7 dB for private, zero-distraction conversations.

Turbo fresh air system

Circulates 30 cubic meters of air every hour using a state-of-the-art ventilation system

Open plan offices, meet our office phone booths

With a soundproof phone booth, office spaces transform into productivity hubs. 

Open offices may be flexible and cost-effective, but phone calls can be a source of constant distraction. 

That’s why we created a convenient, cost-effective way to keep noise levels down and ensure employees always have a quiet and private place to take calls.

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Cost-effective construction

Brick-and-mortar without the brick and mortar. Our pods are a cost-effective way to build or retrofit an office space.

Unparalleled flexibility

Easy to disassemble and relocate or move with our universal wheels, Thinktanks pods are perfect for growing companies with ever-changing needs.

Fast & easy set up

With our professional assembly teams available nationwide, installation is a breeze.

Build a better workplace

Sustainable materials

Our stylish office phone booths are constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum and recycled carbon plastic, which means they’re not only lightweight and durable but also eco-friendly.

Sleek design

With quality materials, modern furnishings, and minimalistic design, our phone pods are an elegant way to incorporate both form and function into your office space.

Superior acoustics

With cutting-edge soundproofing technology, you can keep conversations private and minimize distracting ambient noise. 

Elegant ergonomics

Our office pods are outfitted with comfortable, ergonomic furniture to help you stay focused. With floor-to-ceiling glass walls, you’ll feel cozy without feeling confined.

Inclusive accommodation

Our meeting booths are designed with accessibility in mind, featuring easy-to-navigate entrances and adjustable features. Build a truly inclusive workspace for your teams. 

Complete customization 

We offer ADA-compliant customization for our 4-, 6-, and 8-person pods, as well as our backyard office pods. We also offer custom laser cutting for sprinkler systems to meet your local fire code.