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Our spacious 8-10 Person Pod provides 30.1 dB of noise reduction.

8-10 Person Pod

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Thinktanks™ promote thoughtful brainstorming, uninterrupted creativity, and all-around mental wellness. The 8-10 Person Pod is the perfect solution for real face time and complete privacy. ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. TV MONITOR NOT INCLUDED.

For pricing/availability of assembly and installation in your area, or for information about ADA compliant and other customization options, please contact info@trythinktanks.com.

We offer a 3 Year Warranty on all of our Thinktanks™ booths (valid from the date of purchase) that covers hardware, materials and workmanship when used appropriately in accordance with our recommended guidelines.

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Furniture Included

All booths come with a desk, 8 chairs, and TV mount as shown.

Technical Specs

Internal Dimensions (in inches): 112”W x 167”D x 84”H
External Dimensions (in inches): 118”W x 169”D x 91”H 

Speech level reduction (DS,A): 30.1dB

Voltage: 100-240V /50-60Hz

Other features:
Low noise positive pressure turbine fresh air system
High efficiency ventilation system
2 fans
Circulating air volume: 263m3/h
4000K/750 Lux square light
40000K background lighting
Motion Sensor
4 Type A USB outlet
2 Type C USB outlet
2 Electrical Sockets
1 Ethernet port
Sound Dampening Feet
Advance framed hydraulic door
Damping Stopper
Double-layered impact resistant tempered safety glass
T6061 aviation aluminum frame
Carbon plastic composite wall, floor and ceiling panels
Furniture included: 8 office chairs, desk and TV bracket (optional)

Power Source

Any standard wall outlet (120 volts).


Net Weight: 3483 lbs // 1580 kg


Every Thinktank Pod arrives in a shipping crate at the delivery address provided in approximately 8 to 10 weeks. For information about expedited shipping options, please contact: info@trythinktanks.com

8-10 Person Pod

8-10 Person Pod



Low noise positive pressure turbine fresh air system. Air circulates every two minutes, ensuring good oxygen and negative carbon dioxide pressure.

Furniture Included

Designed to standup to high traffic environments.

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Sound Dampening Feet

Designed for easy movement and floor vibration reduction.

Everything you need

Sound insulation, ventilation, lights, AC power, USB.

8-10 Person Office Booth – For the Most Important Meetings

Sometimes privacy is the key, especially when the most important aspects of your company are on the line. At other times, your team requires perfect, peaceful conditions to fully focus while planning the strategy for the next year. The reasons might be numerous, but the solution is single: 8-10 person office pod.

Soundproofed, equipped with comfy office furniture – 8 chairs, a desk, and a TV mount – and efficiently ventilated – this is the definition of our 8-10 person phone booths. They are ideal for management meetings, brainstorming, or presentations – any occasion when noise is not welcome.

Elevate the Motivation and Well-Being of Your Employees by Using an 8-10 Person Office Pod

Noise is always a distraction, no matter what you do. An extensive amount of noise, such as the typical office hassle, can lead to irritation or exhaustion, although we often are unaware that it is the culprit behind our fatigue. Therefore, if you wish for your employees to feel fresh, have more energy, return home happier, and be more productive, you should opt for our 8-10 person office phone booths. They will be the ideal workspace not only for meetings but also for everyday calls and work – depending on the demand, they might be utilized for smaller teams or even individuals, making them extremely versatile and fitting into the concept of a flexible workplace perfectly.

Create the Best Office Layout with 8-10 Person Office Booths

What distinguishes our 8-10 person phone booths is the ease of installation. Equipped with wheels, you may place them effortlessly in any area in the office, and experiment with the layout to find the optimal one. The less your employees need to walk from point A to point B, the more effective they are, and the less frustrated they feel. Therefore, the wheels are not just an asset – they are the opportunity to build a modern, exceedingly efficient workspace.