Backyard Office Pods

Backyard Office Pod

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8 Person Backyard Office Pod

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backyard office pod among the trees

Backyard Office Pods

Have you ever dreamed of working surrounded by nature, yet felt that it would be unpractical? Perhaps the look of trees and flowers helps you focus, makes you feel better and boosts your creativity? You may finally enjoy the faint light of the morning sun and the beauty of the outdoors, by working in our backyard office pods.

Outdoor office pod in front of the building

Outdoor office pods – elevating your spirits during meetings

Brainstorms, team meetings, strategy planning – these are the inevitable in any company. Yet, have you ever considered how traditional, dull rooms affect the mood of your employees? Their wellbeing has a major impact on their productivity, motivation and dedication. Even the tiniest elements, such as the decor, can affect it. Presenting your employees with a magnificent, unique setting is the way to inspire them, and with our outside office pods it is possible.

Our meeting backyard office pods are capable of hosting up to 8 people. This makes them the ideal place for marketing teams to brainstorm their campaign ideas, for product development teams to discuss the further improvements, or even for meetings with clients. Embrace the power of nature and let it shape your company’s flow, working in a truly breathtaking setting.

black backyard office pod

Treat yourself with an outdoor pod for your home office

Are you working from home? Do you have a well-tended garden that you are proud of? Perhaps you would love to work in it, no matter the weather conditions? You can now get the job done in the peace and tranquility of your backyard, with an outdoor home office 1-person pod. Admire the nature springing into life, or slowly falling asleep in the fall, while sitting in an air-conditioned, cozy office booth designed for the outdoors.

Interior of a backyard office pod

Take care of your well-being by working outdoors with text

Is your job extremely stressful? Do you spend most of your time in front of a screen? This can take quite a toll on your wellness, and if you think that it does, outside office pods can help you with that. Working outdoors has been proven to relieve stress, rest your eyes and brain, while increasing happiness and mood. Order our backyard office pods and experience it yourself.