Universal Wheels

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Looking for a portable solution for your indoor office pods? Our Universal Wheels set works with the following models:

1 Person Pod

2 Person Pod

Zoom Room

4 Person Booth

6 Person Booth

Our 8 Person Pod requires two Universal Wheel Sets due to its size. This kit includes everything you need to roll and relocate your booth from one place to another without disassembly. 

Modern Solutions to Make Your Universal Pod Wheels Installation Effortless

We understand that you do not wish to spend hours on installing your universal pod wheels. Thus, we equipped them with an easy installation method.

Our sets come with airbags and a pump. The process is simple: you place the airbags below the pod and start the pump until the height reaches 9 cm. At this point, you only have to push the wheels in the right place, and you are ready to go.

Universal Pod Wheels – To Make Installation Easier

Hiring an expert to install your office pods is ineffective – every time you need to change the layout, you’re left with additional costs or a fixed booth. To address this issue, we designed our office pods at Thinktanks with mobility in mind. Our universal pod wheel sets are an example of that. Fitting into each of our booths, they will let you transport and place your pods wherever you need them to be, with minimal effort. All you have to do is get one set (or two in case of an 8-10 person office booth) and you receive full control over your pods.

Discover the Best Layout for Your Office with Universal Pod Wheel Sets

The better the space is managed in your office, the better everybody performs. From boosting morale to reducing the time spent on…walking, the benefits of an optimized workspace are long and wide. With our universal pod wheels, you will be able to harvest them much more quickly.

To find the perfect layout, you need to test different ones and juxtapose them with your employees’ satisfaction and productivity. But, to do that efficiently, each element of your office needs to be easily movable. Our pod wheel sets enable exactly that. Office pods are a crucial element of any flexible workspace, but only with full mobility do they embrace this principle to the fullest. Thanks to them, you will be able to find the perfect solutions in your office space management and create an environment where your employees, and thus your business, will thrive.