6 Person Pod

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Thinktanks™ promote thoughtful brainstorming, uninterrupted creativity, and all-around mental wellness. The 6 Person Pod is the perfect solution for real face time and complete privacy. ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. TV MONITOR NOT INCLUDED. Standard monitor size for our TV mount is a 27" screen, but the desk can support the weight of larger monitors.

For pricing/availability of assembly and installation in your area, or for information about ADA compliant customization options, please contact info@trythinktanks.com.

We offer a 3 Year Warranty on all of our Thinktanks™ booths (valid from the date of purchase) that covers hardware, materials and workmanship when used appropriately in accordance with our recommended guidelines.

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Technical Specs

Internal Dimensions (in inches): 80”W x 82”D x 84”H
External Dimensions (in inches): 87”Wx 84”D x 91”H
Shipping Dimensions (in inches): 89”W x 42”D x 43”H

Door Width: 27 inches

ADA Compliant Customized Door Width: 37.4 inches

Speech level reduction (DS,A): 31.8dB

Voltage: 100-240V /50-60Hz

Other features:
Low noise positive pressure turbine fresh air system
High efficiency ventilation system
2 fans
Circulating air volume: 263m3/h
4000K/750 Lux square light
40000K background lighting
Motion Sensor
4 Type A USB outlet
2 Type C USB outlet
2 Electrical Sockets
1 Ethernet port
Sound Dampening Feet
Advance framed hydraulic door
Damping Stopper
Double-layered impact resistant tempered safety glass
T6061 aviation aluminum frame
Carbon plastic composite wall, floor and ceiling panels

Power Source

Any standard wall outlet (120 volts).


Net Weight: 1,589 lbs // 721 kg


Every Thinktank arrives in a shipping crate at the delivery address provided in approximately 8 to 10 weeks. For information about expedited shipping options, please contact: info@trythinktanks.com

6 Person Pod

6 Person Pod



Low noise positive pressure turbine fresh air system. Air circulates every two minutes, ensuring good oxygen and negative carbon dioxide pressure.

Durable Furniture

Designed to standup to high traffic environments.

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Sound Dampening Feet

Designed for easy movement and floor vibration reduction.

Everything you need

Sound insulation, ventilation, lights, AC power, USB.

6 Person Office Pods – A Must in Any Flexible Workspace

With the hybrid work model slowly dominating the market and the raising awareness of employee wellness, it is crucial to create offices that suit the modern demands. 6 person pods are the way to do that.

Being an excellent place for brainstorming and meetings, they take less space than a whole room while offering small teams an area to plan their strategies. Due to their soundproofing capabilities, they are also superb in terms of versatility – 6 person office phone booths may be used both for meetings and for making calls by individuals when the pod is free. Thus, no matter how many employees show up in the office on a particular day, 6 person pods will still serve their role, creating a truly flexible workspace

Why Select Our 6 Person Office Phone Booths?

There are a plethora of reasons why Thinktanks 6 person pods will be the ideal fit for your workplace. What are they in particular?

  • Comfort – Equipped with the finest office furniture, your employees will sit on the comfiest sofas and use highly ergonomic chairs and desks. Adding to that the ventilation system, they will be free of the typical frowst experienced in many office pods.
  • Privacy – With a speech level reduction of 31.3 dB, our 6 person office booths will provide your employees with full privacy, preventing any outside noises from coming in and any inside noises from coming out.
  • Connectivity – 4 USB-A outlets, 2 USB-C outlets, 2 electrical sockets, and 1 ethernet port – your employees will have all of this at their disposal, letting them fully focus on work even during the longest meetings.
  • Easy assembly – Equipped with universal pod wheels, you will easily install the pod wherever you desire, and effortlessly move it in case of rearranging the office.

Create a truly modern office that addresses the needs of your employees and let your company thrive with higher productivity and employee satisfaction, by ordering a 6 person office pod!