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Oz Etzioni, CEO & Co-founder of Clinch in New York, shares what he and his team love about their Thinktanks pods.

"I spend half my day in these. It really cuts down on sound and people bothering you."

— Steve Roger, LinkedIn

"What started as an office experiment quickly turned into a whole new way of working for us."

— Whitney Prewitt, Quest Diagnostics

"These work great when it gets noisy and we need to find some place quiet to talk to our users."

— Erin Werner, Bookvid.com

Quiet by design and built to last

Get up to 32 decibels of noise reduction in a Thinktanks meeting pod. The speech level reduction (DS,A) of Thinktanks is measured according to ISO 23351-1 so you can be sure no one will overhear your private discussions inside your office pod.

Unlike many booths on the market, our office pods are made with recyclable aviation aluminum instead of wood materials--making them more durable (and free from harmful formaldehyde).

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Experience the silence of a Thinktanks pod

Reduce distractions and find the quiet you need

Go green with Thinktanks

Our mission is not just to provide high quality, quiet, comfortable office booths – we want to create sustainable solutions too. Our furniture and booths are made from recycled and recyclable eco-friendly materials because we care about more than just your employees: Thinktanks is committed to our planet and making a positive impact for future generations.

Personalized office pods tailored to your needs

Whether you need outdoor office pods for a larger team or custom indoor booths for phone calls, we can help you. We can customize your booths to suit the style of your organization and the size of your teams, or even make it easier for employees with disabilities to utilize them. All you have to do is share your wish list with us – we'll take care of the rest.

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Pods for your home office

Remote work allows us save time on commuting and enjoy the comforts of home, but also poses challenges. We believe you should take care of your wellness wherever you work. Our home pods are designed for individuals who need a space to concentrate or to just grab a few moments of peace and quiet.

Custom furniture designed for your pod

Our soundproof office phone booths can come with high-quality furnishings customized to fit the space, free with any pod purchase.

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