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Really helps me focus.

"Ever since I got the ThinkTanks HomePod, my study game has changed completely! It's the perfect little sanctuary for deep focus. Now I can escape my noisy roommates and dive into my textbooks. Honestly, every student needs one!"."

— Liam, College Student

This gets me in the zone.

"I've always struggled with finding a quiet space to write in my bustling household. The ThinkTanks HomePod has been a godsend. It's my personal writing haven, helping me churn out pieces without any distractions. I've noticed a significant boost in my productivity!."

— Aria, Freelance Writer

Great for remote work.

"With remote work becoming the new norm, the ThinkTanks HomePod has become an essential part of my home office setup. No more unexpected noises during conference calls or distractions while working on tight deadlines. It's like having a professional office booth right in my living room!."

— Derek, Telecommuter
Office pod desk

Everything you need to focus.

And stay focused.

An organically shaped task desk. A directional lighting bar and a universal 110-240v power socket with USB are available for all your working needs. To enhance energy efficiency, the pod is equipped with a PIR motion sensor, which automatically cuts off power after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Soundproof office pods air holes

Cool Air Ventilation

Turbo fresh-air system

You'll have constant fresh air: the pod circulates 30 cubic meters of air every hour and is equipped with a Turbo fresh air system. 

8 person office pod orange

Office Booths

Are you looking for a top-style, comfortable office phone booth to install in your office? Perhaps you wish to build a noise-resistant, cozy meeting space for smaller teams? Our refined office pods shall be an excellent choice for you – a place where creativity will truly flourish.

Soundproof Office Pod in the office

Soundproof booth for your office – the perfect place to make a call

Contacting clients is an inseparable part of many professions. Yet, in the turmoil of the traditional open space, it is often difficult to find peace and the perfect conditions for a phone or video call. If this is the case for you, we have a solution – our soundproof call pods for offices.

Unlike the typical office phone booths, our privacy pods are designed with comfort and style in mind. You do not want to spend hours in a monotonous, average, cumbersome box, as is the case with most office booths and pods, and we understand it. Using the most cozy office furniture, we guarantee you a level of comfort that you have never experienced before. If you strive for a place where you will simply enjoy making calls, our soundproof pods will be the perfect choice.