Office Pod Etiquette - Navigating Silent Spaces in the Workplace

Office Pod Etiquette - Navigating Silent Spaces in the Workplace

Office pod etiquette, although often overlooked, is quite important. There are always some unspoken rules that help everybody in the workplace use these booths effectively. You shouldn’t speak too loud if you’re near a pod used by someone; you need to make use of these booths efficiently, as someone else might be waiting to use them; you should leave them clean after you finish. In this office pod guide, we will explain to you how to behave in and near office booths – we invite you to read on!

The Importance of Office Pod Etiquette

Office pods serve as oases for deep work, where you can fully concentrate. But we wouldn’t make use of their full potential without setting ground rules.

Office pod etiquette is all about ensuring that these booths fulfill their role and that everybody can use them comfortably and effectively. Without it, there would be a mess, and the pods wouldn’t be as useful as they are.

Office Pod Etiquette

So, what are the unwritten rules regarding office pods that make them the best work environment? Here are the most crucial ones.

Respect the Invisible Boundaries

The moment someone enters an office pod, they step into a zone of focused concentration. Acknowledge the invisible boundaries by maintaining a low volume when conversing with colleagues nearby.

If you enter a bigger pod, avoid using your phone and turn off the sounds in all your devices. After all, 8-person pods are designed not only for cooperation but also for those who want to work in complete silence, so you need to respect that.

Think How You Navigate the Pod

The layout of the larger office pods often requires a degree of maneuvering to access your designated space. Exercise caution when moving chairs or adjusting your workspace to prevent unnecessary disturbances.

You should also think where you sit. If you know that you’ll be in the pod for a long time, pick a place far from the exit – other people will have it easier to maneuver around the pod. If you know that you’re there just for a short while, sit near the door – you won’t disturb your coworkers when leaving.

Time Management

If you’re planning to use a single-person booth, think about the others. Consider whether you really need a completely quiet space, and if yes, use it efficiently. Don’t overstay in the pod, as your colleagues might want to use it as well.

Some workplaces offer a reservation system for office pods. If it’s so in your company, make sure to stick to the time booked. While a call taking 5 minutes longer might not seem like a big deal to you, it is a major one for someone who was supposed to join their call right after you leave, so bear that in mind. Our advice here is: reserve a few minutes more in the pod than you think you’ll need – you’ll be secured in case the call is prolonged.

Clean up Afterwards

One more important rule in our office pod guide refers to the moment you leave the booth. Always clean up after yourself. For you, a piece of paper might be nothing, but for others, it can be really disturbing.

After all, if nobody would clean up after using office pods, they would become a huge mess in no time. So, remember to double-check when you leave if the pod looks like it did when you entered it.

Care for the Equipment and Other People

Always turn the lights and ventilation off when you leave – after all, office pods are a piece of equipment, like printers and computers, and you wouldn’t leave them on, right? Additionally, you should also think about other people using them. This means:

  • making sure you close the door when you leave a larger pod,
  • asking other coworkers whether to turn the light on/off if it’s not obvious (especially during dark days in the winter – there might be different opinions on that),
  • pulling up the chair after you leave,
  • taking all chargers, etc. with you, so you don’t disturb people later on by coming back for them.

The Takeaway

As you can see the office pod etiquette is quite sensible and it’s meant to work in everybody’s favor. After all, you wouldn’t like anybody breaking these rules if you were the one using the pod at that moment or after them, right? This is why following the pod etiquette is crucial, but simple at the same time – just don’t do things that you wouldn’t like other people to do!

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