Maximizing Productivity in Office Pods

Maximizing Productivity in Office Pods

Productivity is among any office’s buzzwords – businesses constantly search for solutions that may improve it. While office pods are an inseparable part of numerous workspaces, many managers are unaware of their true potential. They usually only use them for phone calls, just a basic function of such spaces. Therefore, in this article, we will focus on office pods and how you can maximize productivity by working in them. We encourage you to read on.

The Concept of a Flexible Workspace

Before we proceed with explaining the role of office pods in maximizing productivity, we must understand the concept of a flexible workspace. It is an office designed with the purpose of fulfilling the needs of different employees, diversified in the types of space that it offers, and scalable. The typical areas in a flexible office include:

  • Quiet rooms – Places where the employees may work without any distractions.
  • Collaborative spaces – Areas designed for brainstorming and small team meetings.
  • Breakout spaces – Rooms designed for relaxation and less formal contact.
  • Equipment rooms – Storage spaces where all the equipment like printers, scanners, fax machines, etc. is available for the workers.

Increased productivity is one of the most important benefits of a flexible workspace. Since each employee may choose the conditions they work in, they perform their tasks in rooms that truly address their needs, leading to a boost in morale and efficiency.

Maximizing Productivity by Working in Office Pods in a Flexible Workspace

We have discussed flexible workspaces because office booths are an excellent addition to them. Due to their soundproof features, they are ideal for quiet rooms; larger pods will make an excellent collaborative space; pods with more comfortable furniture (coaches and sofas) could make a wonderful breakout room.

Office Pods as Quiet Rooms

Due to their noise resistance, office pods are an excellent choice for quiet rooms. If you wish to use them for this sake, remember to install more than just one-person booths – your employees deserve space and the lack of it may affect their well-being.

Office Pods as Collaborative Spaces

Brainstorms may get loud, so a sound-isolated space is ideal for them. To add to that, smaller teams booking large rooms because there is no space suitable for them is also a common problem. Office pods are the solution to both of these issues and help maximize the efficiency of both those inside collaborative spaces and those on the outside.

Office Pods as Breakout Rooms

Employees need to relax a bit, to be fully productive. But, with the ongoing hassle of every office, it might be difficult to do it in a typical room. Using a cozy office pod as the breakout room is ideal – the break isn’t just from work, but also from noise, becoming much more valuable and beneficial.

Other Ways of Maximizing Productivity by Working in Office Pods

In our article on how to increase the productivity of your employees, we have underlined several pain points related to efficiency. Yet, one of them may be fully avoided just by introducing office pods. Which one do we mean? The interrupting coworkers.

Nowadays, employees may counteract this issue mainly by putting on headphones. However, in many cases this is insufficient. Frequently, coworkers will still bother them if they need something. But, what if it was possible to avoid that?

Office pods may be used as spaces for those who need to get their work done without any interruptions. By creating a set of rules and placing a larger 6- or 8-person pod, you will give your employees the space to work in peace. This will result in a visible boost to productivity since your staff will finally be able to fully focus on their duties.

Maximizing Productivity in Office Pods – How to Make Them Even More Effective

While we have thoroughly explained how to maximize productivity by working in office pods, we still need to discuss how to optimize the efficiency of working in them. The previously mentioned set of rules is the first element that should be included. We suggest that it regulates aspects such as:

  • Booking methods (for one-person booths)
  • Switching phones to “silent” mode
  • Talking in the pods
  • AC regulation

The second aspect that may maximize productivity in office pods is comfortable and ergonomic office furniture. Make it diverse across different booths and be sure to include sofas and coaches and not only chairs. You should also include a TV in the larger pods – it will be excellent for planning campaigns, especially for the smaller teams.

The Takeaway

Due to their versatility, office pods can be an excellent solution for maximizing productivity. They may serve as three different spaces in the flexible office space concept. Moreover, they can also be installed to fight the problem of coworkers interrupting each other's jobs. To benefit to the maximum from office booths, you should introduce a list of rules concerning their usage and equip them with comfortable, convenient, and diversified furniture.
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