W-Absorber EQ30T

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Often you want to soundproof their office, home theater, or classroom, but sometimes diffusion is as important. If you are looking for a golden means between these two functions, the W-Absorber panels will suit your needs. Designed in a modular form, they will grant you full control over the acoustics and their looks.

W-Absorber EQ120T

W-Absorber EQ30T


Diffuse and Absorb Even the Lowest Frequencies

W-Absorber panels have high noise absorption qualities even for sounds as low as 200 Hz. This makes them ideal for a home studio, a home theater, or a club.

Modular = Fitting

Due to their modular design, you will be able to place W-Absorber panels in any kind of space. With the freedom to connect them and shape them on your walls as you wish, they are the ideal balance between interior aesthetics and acoustics.

Balance Your Space

An unequal noise distribution across a home studio or theater may strongly decrease your pleasure from recording or watching movies. The W-Absorber panels will help you reclaim the balance – with the possibility to customize them into different shapes, they are excellent for rooms which require different treatment for every surface.

Embrace Eco-Friendliness

In line with the E0 standard and made of 100% eco-friendly materials, W-Absorber panels are what the world needs – a sustainable, effective solution for your home.

W-Absorber – The Ideal Acoustic Panel for Audiovisual Experiences

Are you a movie devotee? A music enthusiast? Do you feel that the sound truly matters? Then you realize that you need the perfect acoustics to go on an audiovisual journey. With the W-Absorber acoustic panels, you will be able to create such conditions. Due to their 1:1 absorption : diffusion ratio, you will experience sound that flows through the room but doesn’t echo, sound that has depth and clarity, sound that truly lets you immerse yourself in the movies or your favorite albums.