Phantom EQ3 Acoustic Panel

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Embrace luxury, style, and well-being with Phantom EQ3 Walleaser panels. Designed to stun with their aesthetics and with their excellent sound-absorbing properties, they will be the perfect choice for any modern office that wants to send a clear message – we embrace quality.

Phantom EQ3 Walleaser

Phantom EQ3 Acoustic Panel


Perfect for Low Frequencies

Decent for soundwaves under 200 Hz and excellent for those over, Phantom EQ3 Walleaser panels are the jewel in the crown of modern soundproofing.

Unique and Aesthetic

With their modern looks, optional LED stripe, and unique appearance, they are the definition of technology woven into sound-absorbing fabric.

Safe for the Planet

Phantom EQ3 Walleaser panels are made purely from natural green fiber acoustic wool. Produced with zero formaldehyde emission and up to E0 standard, they are the definition of sustainability.


Phantom EQ 3 Walleaser panels come in 4 different models, all with the superb depth of 5 cm:

  • 60 cm x 60 cm
  • 60 cm x 90 cm
  • 60 cm x 120 cm
  • 120 cm x 120 cm

Combined with 4 different colors available, they will seamlessly fit into any interior, matching the aesthetics, the office furniture, the artworks, and looking truly admirable.


Created from meticulously knitted acoustic cloth, with a quasi-closed cavity to further enhance their acoustic qualities, Phantom EQ3 Walleaser panels represent a fresh, truly innovative approach to acoustics and soundproofing.