Mirage EQ2 Acoustic Panel

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Are you searching for acoustic panels that will truly “click” with your office design? Which will effectively prevent noise from spreading and stop reverb? Mirage EQ2 Walleaser panels will be an excellent choice – with them, your office will become truly peaceful.

Technical Specs

Material: Coconut Fiber

Application: Wall Ceiling

Accessory: Velcro or Ceiling Accessory

Remark: Pure Color;Ceiling accessory required extra cost

Mirage EQ2 Walleaser

Mirage EQ2 Acoustic Panel


Noise Reduction Adjusted to Your Expectations

What distinguishes Mirage EQ2 Walleaser panels is that they come in two depth variations: 3 cm and 5 cm. As a result, you will be able to reduce any kind of noise with them. The standard 3 cm ones will work excellently with frequencies over 500 Hz, while the Plus variant will absorb even lower sounds, with their true efficiency starting at 315 Hz and above.

Seamlessly Complementing Your Interior Design

Thanks to their different lengths, the Mirage EQ2 Walleaser panels can be freely combined to provide you with the finest soundproofing capabilities, while looking stylish.

Ideal for the Office

Forget about the discomfort of the echoes and the fatigue caused by being exposed to loud, different noises. With Mirage EQ Walleaser panels your office will become more peaceful than ever, making your employees happy and letting them focus on their work to the fullest.

Up to E0 Standard

Made purely from natural green fiber acoustic wool, the Mirage EQ2 Walleaser is produced according to the E0 standard, with zero formaldehyde emission, making it an ideal choice for you to show your employees and clients that you truly care about our planet.

Create Working Conditions That You and Your Employees Deserve

Created for offices, with the usual workplace struggles in mind, the Mirage EQ2 Walleaser panels are what will truly make your office a better place. Install them in the most crucial areas – rooms for more people than any office pod could handle – and create a workspace where the loud noises of clicking, typing, printing, and discussions are a thing of the past.