Geometric EQ5 Acoustic Panel

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Are you looking for a classic, timeless acoustic solution that will help you achieve a quiet office while maintaining your classy interior design? Geometric EQ5 Walleaser will be the perfect choice. With their traditional round and square shapes, easy installation, and excellent noise absorption, these panels will enhance the comfort of your office.

Geometric EQ5 Walleaser

Geometric EQ5 Acoustic Panel


Excellent Sound-Absorbing Qualities

Reaching almost 0.9 on the sound absorption coefficient for all noise over 500 Hz, the Geometric EQ5 Walleaser will help you rest from the usual hassle of your office and get through the day with more energy.

Classic Shapes and Sizes Bundled Up

Available oval and square in two sizes for each, Geometric EQ5 Walleaser panels will fit any wall – both aesthetically and in terms of size. You may choose from:

  • Ovals – Diameter 60 cm or 90 cm
  • Squares – 60 cm x 60 cm or 90 cm x 90 cm

Each of the panels has a 6 cm depth, and they come in packages of four: 3 square and 1 oval.

Effortless Installation

The Geometric EQ5 Walleaser panels come with an easy installation system, ensuring that you will handle placing them without any additional help.

Safe for the Planet

Made from fully natural materials, with zero formaldehyde emissions and following the E0 standard – the Geometric EQ5 Walleaser panels are as sustainable as possible.