Cobble EQ4 Acoustic Panels

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Are you looking for aesthetically pleasing, effective absorbing panels? Do you feel that traditional, geometrical ones will not fit into your space? Cobble EQ4 Walleaser will be your remedy. With its well-performed acoustical function and cobblestone shape, it will be a stylish addition to any office that struggles with too much noise.

Cobble EQ4 Walleaser

Cobble EQ4 Acoustic Panels

acoustic wall panels for office

Superb Noise Absorption

Cobble EQ4 Walleaser panels exceed at absorbing noises over 350 Hz frequency. They will effectively eliminate the sounds of printers, computers, keyboards, and loud conversations from traveling between rooms in your office.

Unusually Appealing

With their cobblestone shape, Cobble EQ4 Walleaser panels will attract the attention of your employees and clients with their marvelous design.


Coming in 14 different color variants, Cobble EQ4 Walleaser panels will pull life into your office, giving your employees a true boost of energy every time they see them.

Environmental Friendly

Made from purely natural green fiber acoustic wool and crafted up to E0 standard, these panels will be an excellent choice for any ecologically aware office.

State of the Art

Created from anti-oxidant and anti-resonance aluminum, the Cobble EQ4 Walleaser panels will last for years to come, providing you and your employees with the best sound insulation possible.