Where to Install Acoustic Panels?

Where to Install Acoustic Panels?

Acoustic wall panels are a tool to achieve better life quality. They have a plethora of purposes – from increasing the focus while working remotely to creating a delightful space for watching movies with your family. In this article, we will discuss all their possible uses, and answer the following question: Where to install acoustic panels? Read on to find out how they can enhance your experience at home, at work, and in numerous other places.

Where to Place Acoustic Panels at Home?

The first space that we will delve into is your cozy household. Acoustic panels may be installed in numerous rooms within it. With them, you may eliminate remote workplace distractions, enhance your productivity, and elevate your experiences. So, where to install acoustic panels at home?

Home Office

Acoustic panels will be an excellent solution for your home office. By installing them on the walls and ceiling, you will cut your room off from the noise created by other members of your household or even your neighbors. Combine them with window inserts and door sweeps, and your home office will truly become noise-resistant.

Home Studio

Your home studio acoustics are crucial. The way the sound is reflected and travels through the room has an impact on the quality in which it is recorded. Acoustic panels are the elements that may help you modify the properties of your recording space. By placing them in the right spots, you might achieve higher sound clarity, stronger basses, and much more…

Home Theater

Powerful, crystal-clear sound that makes you feel as if you are in the center of a movie – this may be achieved with panels for home theater acoustics. Placing them in the right position will significantly enhance the movie-watching experience, letting you truly immerse yourself in the movie world.

Where to Place Acoustic Panels Outside of Your Home?

Acoustic panels may be used for many more reasons than just to elevate your experience at home. There are numerous facilities in which they might be utilized to eliminate distractions, increase focus, and affect people’s well-being. So, how to use acoustic panels outside of your home?


The first potential location is the office. The employees need a work environment that allows them to focus, yet with so many distractions that are present in the office, it is often difficult to achieve. Placing acoustic panels to block the unwanted noise is the perfect way to create better conditions for white-collar workers. It won’t only affect their productivity but also their well-being – they will be less tired since they won’t always leave the office being overstimulated.

Conference Room

Conference rooms are often large spaces, where every person should be able to hear the speaker. Yet, with the reflective nature of walls, it is often difficult to comprehend the speech in the last rows. Acoustic panels are the solution to that – by installing them, it is possible to improve sound quality and distribution making it possible for everyone present to enjoy the presentations.


While gyms are not sound-oriented, they often struggle with echo. Since they are usually formed as large open spaces, with a wide selection of equipment, most of which is used constantly, the echoed noise may get quite irritating. Acoustic panels may be used to neutralize this phenomenon.


Classrooms are yet another space in which every person is expected to listen to the speaker (in this case: the teacher). While they are often designed with acoustics in mind, in many schools it is still difficult to comprehend what the teacher has to say at the end of the classroom. Placing acoustic panels there increases the intelligibility of the lectures for the students and empowers the sound, making the speech loud and clear.


Outdoor noise is often an issue, whether we are trying to relax, work, or do our everyday tasks. This is especially visible in libraries – although the amount of noise inside them is reduced to the minimum, readers are often still distracted by the outroar coming from the streets. But, acoustic panels are capable of blocking the sounds, thus truly creating a quiet space for the most devoted bookworms.

How to Place Acoustic Panels?

There are several principles that should be followed for wall acoustic panels to be effective. When installing them, remember to:

  • Place the panels at the high that sound is produced
  • Install them in equal distance from each other
  • Make a few inches wide gap between the panels and the surface that they are placed on
  • Place just a few panels – too many may lead to sound distortion

The Takeaway

We have explained where and how to place acoustic panels. With this knowledge, you will be able to improve your, your employees’, and your client’s well-being, and create better conditions for work, relaxation, or music recording. Remember – noise might only seem irritating, but it affects our comfort significantly, although we rarely are aware of that.

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