What Affects the Price of an Office Pod?

What Affects the Price of an Office Pod?

What affects the price of an office pod? Namely, materials the pod is built from, soundproofing qualities, the technology used, customizability, sustainability, equipment and furniture, design, and shipping costs. In this article, we will delve deeper into this topic and explain every of these factors in detail. We invite you to read on.

What Factors Affect the Price of an Office Pod?

So, without any further ado, let’s see all the elements that may impact office pod prices.


What affects the price of an office pod the most? The materials it’s built from.

Steel, glass, and durable plastic are more expensive than, for instance, wood and low-quality plastic. Is this important? Yes, since better materials come with several benefits.

For instance, using high-quality acoustic materials will improve the soundproofing qualities of the workplace pods. Additionally, it will also make them last longer and be more durable, the latter being especially important for outdoor booths.

Soundproofing Qualities

While high-quality materials increase the costs themself, the overall soundproofing qualities might also impact the price of your pod. But, at the same time, you need a booth that will block out sound effectively. What does it mean in practice?

If you read our article on interesting facts about soundproofing, you know how decibels work and that even a 10dB noise reduction may have a significant impact. Yet, for office booths, 10 dB isn’t enough – you need much more to protect those inside them from excessive noise and to prevent sounds from leaving the booths. Therefore, it is best to target booths that have over 25dB noise reduction, though they might be more expensive than those with 20dB or less.


What also affects the price of office pods is the technology used. Air filtering systems, heating, or electronic locks – you may find these solutions in such booths, and the better they are, the more expensive the booth becomes.

Is it worth paying more for better technology? Once again, yes. A good filtering system will not only protect your employees’ health but also make them feel better, even after sitting in the booth for an hour during a long call. The only thing that might be optional are the electronic locks – while they are useful for outdoor office pods, they will most likely be unnecessary in those installed indoors.


It’s great if you can personalize your office pod. Unfortunately, it usually costs more.

While small customizations, like changing the color, are usually included in the price (our pods come in different color variants), larger ones might be unavailable or cost you extra, further increasing the price you’ll need to pay.


Sustainability is among the top office design trends for 2024, but it can also impact the price of your pod. Generally speaking, making a pod more environmentally friendly means using more energy-efficient technologies and specific, recyclable materials, so it might translate to a higher price.

At the same time, you should remember that employees become increasingly aware of sustainability, and start to prefer companies that embrace environmentally friendly solutions. Therefore, opting for a more sustainable office booth might be a good investment.

Equipment and Furniture

When discussing what affects the price of an office pod, we mustn’t forget the equipment inside it. Some pods come without any, and others are available both empty and with office furniture, while in certain cases, the price might include chairs and desks. However, they always impact the costs in one way or another.

Pods with simple chairs and desks will be less expensive than those with comfy sofas and TV mounts. On the other hand, better furniture enhances creativity and productivity, so it’s not always good to make savings here.


A plain, simple design will be more affordable than a more aesthetically pleasing one. Yet, the latter might be much more motivating. Finding the golden means is important in this case, so we recommend selecting such pods that fit into the general decor of your office.

Shipping Costs

Office pods aren’t small, which means that the shipping costs might be quite high. After all, they will typically include a durable container, and transporting a large pod (especially if you consider 6-,8- or 10-person ones) will generate additional costs. When purchasing a pod, be sure to check whether shipping is included – it might be so that you’ll have to pay for it separately.


Finally, what affects the office pod price the most is its size. A 1-person office pod will, naturally, be significantly less expensive than a 10-person office booth.

The Takeaway

Knowing what affects the price of an office pod, you are ready to choose the one perfect for your workspace. Be sure to check out our offer, and see the excellent booths available at Thinktanks!

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