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article on the modern work environment and office pods

A focused space for a stimulated mind.

A simple goal, one would think. But, a little mental space is hard to come by in the modern workplace. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your mental wellness just to earn a paycheck. 

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But, more and more offices have opened up in recent years and the constant collaboration and ambient noise are taking its toll.

We all need our personal space. It protects us, reduces stress, and allows us to solve problems without interruption. Over the past decade or so—the workplace has evolved at a breakneck pace. 

Technology has ushered in more changes than we can count-emails, video calls, chat apps, the list goes on.

There are more startups than ever, and people are skipping the usual 9-5 scene for co-working or getting things done from home.

Big companies are looking toward more flexible setups that eliminate assigned workspaces. Millennial-owned/staffed companies like the layout for its ability to foster a team-like mindset.

And there are big-time benefits.

We’re wiping out assigned desks and closed-off office spaces in favor of communication, collaboration, and connection. You’ll bump into colleagues and talk about ideas. Execs and interns converge in the same flat layout, bringing a sense of egalitarianism to the table.

But, open offices can hinder introverted workers, who need an escape to recharge their brains. High-performance employees tasked with solving problems need to count on quiet time to fully develop ideas. And one-on-one conversations work better without an audience.

Despite all these innovations—things intended to make us feel more productive and connected, it’s harder than ever to find a quiet space that allows us to get things done with a little more privacy.  

Where to Find Office Privacy in an Open Plan

Enter Thinktanks.

We’re a Philadelphia-based startup, and we’d like to think we’re shaking up the modern workspace.

A pretty bold assertion, no?

No, we’re not promoting productivity by making another app. We're rethinking our access to privacy at work.

The shift from closed doors to the open office was a big one. But moving from one extreme to another isn't always the answer.  

Instead, we’re focused on bringing quiet spaces to public places.

According to a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, open office plans need to be adapted to meet the needs of the individual, too. Issues like privacy and an escape from noise are essential. And that’s what we aim to provide.

Open office plan 2.0 needs to balance the need for quiet AND collaboration. We’re more enthusiastic about connecting with our colleagues if we’re not forced to 24/7.
Our portable office phone booth is a response to the open office. 

A compromise of sorts that gives workers some privacy and a break from the chatter, noisy keystrokes, and constant interruptions that come with today’s version of the daily grind.

The office phone booth design comes in one, two, or four-person units, serving as a cost-effective answer to a conference room. Or a place for writing, thinking, and chatting on the phone.

People can make a phone call without an audience or the risk of disrupting their workplace neighbors.

About Thinktanks

Thinktanks is a modern solution to the lack of balance in the modern workplace. A sound-proof pod with an acoustic wall and plenty of sound privacy and personal space - we're a meeting pod/personal oasis in a shared space.

While we can’t help you get to inbox zero or do anything about that mandatory Slack channel participation, we can help you create some distance between co-workers so they have some time to think more clearly and collaborate in small groups.

More specifically, here’s how our office phone booths bring some sanity to the workplace:

  • It’s Mobile—Portable free-standing pods can be moved around as easily as any other piece of furniture.
  • Comes with Your Office Essentials—Outlets, chargers, and desks that allow you to sit or stand. Bring your laptop and start being productive.
  • Sound-Proof—Talk about your colleagues in peace. Just kidding… Our pods are designed to keep noise contained inside the unit, so your video conference or little chat won’t be broadcast to the whole office. And—you can focus in peace.
  • You can control the temperature—Yep. If you need an escape from the AC’s arctic blast or need to cool yourself down while you jot down some notes, get in the pod and get a little relief.

Ultimately, we want to create spaces where you can feel comfortable. Rooms feel spacious, and you can slide them around as needed.

Our current customers are already talking about the relief they’ve gotten by adding pods to their floor plans.

We’re Philadelphia Locals

Thinktanks is proud to call Philadelphia home. Not only is it the perfect place to be a startup right now, but we’re also close to NYC, and get a chance to be a part of the city’s recent rise in startups.

Philadelphia has a long history of being a hub for business—it’s great for manufacturing, and these days, is reinventing American industry.

Booths are built here in Philly by folks who understand the plight of the modern office worker. These booths are more than a box with some soundproofing—they’re game changers. Privacy pods built for important calls, problem-solving, and a good brainstorming session.

How to Get Your Own Office Phone Booth

Chances are, it’s time to start rethinking your office design. And sometimes the solution to boosting productivity is a simple one. 

The office pod brings peace and solitude to the daily hustle and bustle. Privacy pods are available for order online and come with a 45-day lead time due to high demand.

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