The Future of Workspaces – Exploring the Popularity of Office Phone Booths

The Future of Workspaces – Exploring the Popularity of Office Phone Booths

The future of workspace is coming into life right now, with the changes initiated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift towards remote and hybrid models. The role of office phone booths in the workplace also rises since a more flexible layout is about to dominate the corporate world. In this article, we aim to unveil what the workspace of the future is about to look like and what will be the place of office phone booths in it. Are you interested in the topic? Then, we encourage you to read on.

What Will the Workspace of the Future Look Like?

There are several trends and tendencies that have emerged recently and are bound to steer managers toward the workspace of the future. Flexibility, technology, and sustainability are among the defining characteristics of such developments and future offices. Let’s look at the potential results of the shift we are undergoing currently and discuss the role of office phone booths within them.

Diversity and Flexibility

Employers are beginning to understand the importance of adhering to the differences in thinking and expectations between their employees. The hybrid and remote work models are imposing new challenges on companies, which still have to keep physical offices, but they do not need to be as big as they were before. All of these lead to one conclusion: the workspace of the future will be a flexible and diverse one.

We may already observe this trend currently, with some of the companies rearranging their office space and diversifying their layout to suit all the needs of the employees. No longer will open-office or cubicle-office models be dominant – workspaces will become a mix of these two. Separate equipment, break or even silent rooms will become a standard as every company will attempt to adhere to the demands of different generations and different people. 

What about the phone booths? The office pod is the future of work and will serve as a silent place to make calls or simply work in solitude, catering to the needs of those who require the perfect conditions to focus.

Omnimodel Experience

Omnichannel customer experience has become a priority for most businesses, but the future will bring something similar to the workspace itself. The omnimodel office will weave together remote and on-site workers, ensuring that they get the best of these two worlds. This means designing communication channels for swift cooperation between these two groups and designing the infrastructure to put them into life effectively.

In this case, larger office pods may serve their purpose. They may become a sort of portal where on-site and remote workers may meet on calls, plan their strategies, or even…eat lunch together on a video call to strengthen their bonds.


IoT devices are still somewhat new to many people, including office managers. However, they come with an uncharted potential. They’re more than an energy-efficient upgrade – they can be utilized to improve the security and safety within an office, monitor the employees, and discover potential faults in the office layout that hinder productivity. Therefore, the future will bring workspaces filled with smart devices and innovative solutions.

Office phone booths will evolve along with the number of techs added to such workplaces. They will no longer be just popular due to their soundproofing and comfort, they will be utilized to improve the efficiency of the whole company. A simple, smart sensor installed in booths can collect data on how much time employees spend on calls weekly or monthly right now, but it’s still not a popular evaluation tool. Yet, it will change in the near future.

Biology and Sustainability

With concrete growing all around us in large agglomerations, the importance of plants and small flowers will rise. Employees will have less time to relax looking at nature outside of work, so this will be transferred to the office itself in the form of green elements placed all over the future workspaces. And this is not the only trend that we can call “green”.

Sustainability will also become of the utmost importance as younger generations are more and more aware of the environment. Becoming eco-friendly will no longer be a mission – it will often be a decisive factor for those looking for work, so managers will need to design their offices with this in mind. What about the office booths in this case, you may ask? They are already made of sustainable materials, so their popularity will rise even further due to this trend.

The Takeaway

As you can see, the future will bring gigantic changes to the workspace, but there are things that will remain almost as they are now, like office phone booths. Therefore, it is good to invest in those stable elements, as well as prepare your office for the shift that is about to take place. This way, you will reap the benefits of the future workspace much faster and gain a strategic edge over the competition while improving your employees’ satisfaction.

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