A Clean and Tidy Office: How Organization Impacts Productivity

A Clean and Tidy Office: How Organization Impacts Productivity

Keeping a clean and tidy workspace is essential – it can significantly improve productivity in your office by letting your employees focus on their tasks. In this article, we focus on the benefits of maintaining a clean, well-organized office and present a few tips on how to do that. Interested? Read on!

The Benefits of a Clean and Organized Office

To start, let’s discuss the advantages that come with an office that is neat and clean. Most of them affect productivity, even if not directly correlated. Let’s take a look in more detail:

  • Fewer distractions – Keeping your office clean lets your employees focus on one thing only: their work. It’s easier for them to find the materials or documents they need, and their attention won’t be drawn from work to papers chaotically falling on the ground or any other mess. And, distractions are more than just annoying – they can impact the productivity of your employees significantly.

  • Improved wellbeing – Did you know that messy, untidy surroundings can increase stress levels? Well, you know now. Additionally, a workspace that isn’t clean is simply less appealing, making employees feel uncomfortable. As a result, they get tired mentally – not only do they become less productive in work, but also more susceptible to burnout outside of it.

  • Team morale – There will always be someone who is not okay with a messy office, and this is fine. What is not fine is when you have more and more people on both sides. This could create internal conflicts or discourage those employees who prefer spending time and working in well-organized spaces. But, it’s never a problem the other way around – nobody will complain about a tidy office.

  • Professional image – A clean and tidy office also looks good for your guests who often are your potential business partners. A messy workplace can even discourage potential employees when they visit you for the first time for their initial interview. This way, you can miss out on some excellent talents – individuals who would take your company to a new level.

  • Health and safety – Finally, a clean office is simply safer and more healthy. There is a much lesser risk that your employees will trip over some items, and there are simply fewer germs in the air. As a result, your workers are more healthy. And this is good both for them and for you – employees in good shape are the most efficient ones.

A Few Tips on How To Keep Your Office Clean and Tidy

Since you know why it is important to keep your office clean, we can now focus on how to do that. With a few good practices, you will be able to turn your workplace into the definition of tidiness quickly. What exactly should you do? Here are our tips:

  • Discard unnecessary items regularly – Old documents and used-up supplies can pile up pretty quickly and clutter your workspace. To prevent that from happening, set a fixed time every month for throwing away items that are no longer of use.

  • Implement a system and a schedule – A well-organized office is…well-organized. This means that you need a storage system that will make it easy for your employees to retrieve documents or supplies. You should also draw up a cleaning schedule – only through this can you ensure that your office is always tidy.

  • Prepare storage rooms – The impact of office layout on employee productivity is significant, and storage rooms play a crucial role in it. By preparing adequate space for all your supplies and documents and setting it up in a convenient area, you make it much easier for your employees to both store and retrieve these items, reducing the chances that they will be left all around the office.

  • Educate your employees – No system or routine shall be effective without your team cooperating. This is why you should not forget about your employees – the key to success is to make them understand the importance of keeping the office tidy. You can do that by, for example, introducing clean desk policies, or organizing competitions for the most well-organized workstation – a bit of gamification can indeed do the trick.

  • Limit eating to certain rooms – Food is the culprit behind dirty desks and bad smells. However, you can restrain its negative influence on your office cleanliness in one simple step – by limiting eating to dining rooms/kitchens.

The Takeaway

Keeping a clean and tidy office is critical. Not only does it boost productivity, but it also improves your employees' wellbeing and your company image. To ensure that your office is well-organized and spotless, you should introduce a storage system, along with a cleaning schedule. But, before you do so, you need to explain the importance of keeping the workspace tidy to your employees – no matter how much effort you put into maintaining cleanliness, it will not be fully possible without them on board.

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