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Modular office furniture is becoming more and more popular in both the office furniture and home office furniture markets. Why is that? People are always planning for growth, so modular furniture makes sense. The world of design is looking at everything from a modular perspective right now: office chairs, office desks, corner desks, filing cabinets, desk chairs–you name it and someone somewhere is trying to make a solution that is easier to assemble and disassemble. Everything has to be portable for our on the go lifestyle.

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Meet the Modular Office Furnitures?

Regardless of what your office suite looks like there is a vendor to accommodate you. Say for example I was looking for a gray executive desk with modular accent tables to match, and I'm also interested in a writing desk, console tables, file cabinets and matching wall art, I can find all of it online in minutes.

Modular furniture is even spreading into the home and kitchen furniture with dining tables, dining chairs, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, outdoor furniture and outdoor rugs and with Amazon's free shipping on the rise it seems like it's all only a click away. When you think of purchasing something like a duvet cover, furniture cover or bath accessories or shower curtains, where do you end up going? Maybe you wander over to Target, but most likely you're going to find yourself online when looking for your next bath rug or bath towels.

While the average office owner might only be seeking a computer desk, some coffee tables  or an entryway rug for the lounge, a new office technology is on the rise: the modular office phone booth. At ThinkTanks we believe that everyone deserves a quiet place to generate their next big idea. We're incredibly excited by the creative potential of the human mind and we build these spaces to augment and assist today's corporate office worker.

Every Thinktanks comes with cool air ventilation, thermostat control, sound panels, safety glass ceiling and a desk set. We like to think of them as a little getaway in the office, a place to escape the hectic noise of the common workplace.  

What are the major advantages of Thinktanks? Well for one, the units are freestanding so you don't have to worry about the same complications that arise when a conference room is built in. They offer a ton of privacy when you need to make important calls, and stealing away to your own personal hutch when you need to can be invaluable to your mental health in the workplace. But the most important thing Thinktanks offer is peace of mind and an atmosphere of quiet focus. Wouldn't you be happier if you had your own office to go away to when you felt like it?

Modular furniture from ThinkTanks

Thinktanks come in a variety of different sizes and colors to accommodate your office collection, and we have very strong customer service. We believe your modular office furniture collection should be more than just a shell, so our design services team puts a lot of energy into the design and manufacture of every unit. Whether you're shopping for an in office or home office collection, we'd be happy to work with you and your budget.

So maybe you're wondering what are some good next steps when considering a purchase like an office phone booth, or a modular office conference room? Well as you might imagine there are many vendors offering modular office furniture so you might make a checklist for yourself.

Something like this shortlist would probably suffice:

  1. Sound panels?
  2. Ventilation?
  3. Desk?
  4. Outlets?
  5. USB Plugs?
  6. Reasonably priced compared to competitors?
  7. Good shipping lead time?
  8. Made of high quality materials?
  9. Outdoor lighting (glass celing) or indoor unit lighting?
  10. Warranty?
  11. Friendly?
  12. Modular (can be disassembled and reassembled)

ThinkTanks meet all the above requirements.

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