How to Improve Your Remote Work Environment by Integrating Office Phone Booths?

How to Improve Your Remote Work Environment by Integrating Office Phone Booths?

How can you improve remote work environments with office phone booths? You can do this by installing them in two places: at your home office or in the workplace. This is because such pods not only help perform tasks but also improve team alignment in businesses where the hybrid model is dominant or where the employees are divided between on-site and remote ones. Do you wish to learn more? Then read this article!

How to Improve Remote Work Environments at Home

Let’s look from the point of view of a remote employee. To understand the benefits that come with the home pod, we need to understand the pain points of such employees first:

  • Too much noise – Coming from other home dwellers or neighbors.
  • Lack of dedicated workspace – No home office room.
  • Heat – Lack of AC in the summer and excessive heat making it difficult to work.
  • Uncomfortable workstation – Without ergonomic furniture.

All of these affect productivity during remote work and lead to lower efficiency combined with making more errors. However, the aforementioned home pod is a solution to all of them. Being soundproof, it eliminates any unpleasant noise that could hinder the work; with its ventilation system, it's the perfect space to work in the summer; as a booth designed purely with work in mind, it provides you (or your employees) with a comfortable space for completing tasks, enhancing focus.

If you are an employer, you might also improve your employee’s remote work environment with such pods. How exactly? Well, it all goes down to the fact that they are easy to install. This means that you can offer your remote employees a program in which they can lend such a pod from you. They will be happy because they get the perfect place to work, while your company will benefit from improved productivity just for the price of transportation and installation. Plus, if there is little demand for them, you might still employ these pods in your office proper (as long as your company works in the hybrid mode), so it’s a win-win.

How to Improve Remote Work Environment in the Office

Office phone booths will also prove useful on your premises if the employees in your company work in a hybrid model. Again, let’s first look at the challenges that occur in such situations and then we will describe how to improve these particular issues of the remote work environment with soundproof pods.

  • Inefficient communication – Problems in collaboration between remote and on-site workers.
  • Unoptimized workspace – Smaller offices due to the hybrid model lacking rooms for making calls or organizing team meetings.
  • Noise at times – Crowded offices when many team members show up on-site, leading to extensive noise disturbing the work and affecting concentration.

Soundproof pods are the remedy to all these paint points. Due to their nature, they are the natural place for on-site workers to hop on a call with their remote colleagues. Plus, they take up little space, so they can easily fit into the model of a flexible workspace. And they come in different variants, meaning that you can place a pod for 1, 2, 4, or even 10 people. Considering that they are perfectly quiet, they are also an excellent space for those seeking focus when many workers come to the office at once.

This is only the list of benefits regarding remote work. You need to remember that office booths come with a plethora of other advantages, like improving the well-being of your staff or creating a comfortable work environment. Therefore, they are a must in any hybrid workspace.

Thinktanks – State-of-the-Art Booths

Knowing how to improve remote work environment by integrating office phone booths, you can now embark on the journey to find the perfect pods. But this does not have to take long – you are already in the right place.

At Thinktanks, we offer you a variety of excellent booths that will improve the efficiency and experience of both your remote and on-site employees. Our aesthetically designed pods come with excellent soundproofing qualities, comfortable office furniture, and a high-quality air ventilation system to create the finest work conditions for you and the members of your team.

The Takeaway

So, to sum this article up – how to improve remote work environment both at home and in the office with soundproof booths? The answer is simple – just install them. In both cases, office pods are the answer to the problems that haunt remote or hybrid companies, as they offer silence, comfort, air conditioning, and a dedicated place to work. Therefore, we encourage you to consider investing in them.

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