How Much Does an Office Pod Cost?

How Much Does an Office Pod Cost?

How much does an office pod cost? It all depends on the materials and the technology it is built with, but also on its equipment, size, and type. At Thinktanks, our prices range from $6,995.00 for a 1-person booth or a home pod to $49,999.00 for a large, 8-person backyard pod. Do you want to learn more? Then read on!

What Do Office Pods Prices Depend on?

Before we delve into the exact office pod prices, let’s discuss what affects the price of an office pod. Here, we can distinguish the following factors:

  • materials the pod is built from,
  • soundproofing qualities,
  • the technology used (ventilation, lighting),
  • customizability,
  • sustainability,
  • equipment and furniture,
  • design,
  • shipping costs.

How Much Does an Office Pod Cost at Thinktanks?

With this short introduction behind us, let’s look at some real-life examples and take our office pods under evaluation. How much does a Thinktanks office pod cost? Here’s a price list.

1-Person Pods

When it comes to 1-person pods, you have several options:

  • Home Pod$6,995.00 – A comfy pod designed for those working from home.
  • 1-Person Booth $7,995.00 + $100 (furniture) – A simple, small, soundproof booth for making calls in the office. You can choose between two types of desks + one type of adjustable stool.
  • Zoom Room$11,995.00 – A larger office pod designed to provide the highest comfort during longer calls.

Larger Pods

When selecting larger office pods, you might expect such prices as:

  • 2-Person Booth$11,995.00 + $200/$250 (furniture) – depending on what you choose) – A simple pod designed for quiet one-to-one meetings. The furniture includes two adjustable bar stools and a fixed-height desk or two comfy corner stools and a fixed-height desk.
  • 4-Person Pod$14,995.00 + $499 (furniture) –  A larger pod that can be equipped with cozy sofas, a small desk, and a TV bracket.
  • 6-Person Pod$17,995.00 + $599 (furniture) – A big pod designed for meetings in small teams. The furniture includes two sofas, a desk, and a TV bracket.
  • 8-10-Person Pod$39,995.00 – The largest of our office pods. The price includes a desk, eight chairs, and a TV mount.

Backyard Pods

We also offer two types of backyard pods, which enable you and your employees to work while admiring nature. These come in the following variants and prices:

  • Backyard Pod$29,995.00 – A spacious pod designed for one person. In this case, you need to buy furniture separately.
  • 8-Person Backyard Pod$49,999.00 – The largest backyard pod. It comes equipped with a desk, chairs, and a TV bracket.

Why Choose Our Pods?

Knowing how much our office pods cost, you might be wondering: why Thinktanks? Here are a couple of arguments proving that our pods are a perfect choice!

  • Easy to install – Our pods can be installed by plugging them into a standard wall outlet. Add to that the fact that you can order wheels for our pods, and you get a versatile solution that you can move around the office easily, no matter how often you modify the layout.
  • Made with the finest technology – Efficient air ventilation systems, electronic locks for backyard pods, powerful sound reduction – all the tech we implement in our pods is among the finest solutions available to make our office pods the perfect environment for productivity and creativity.
  • Sleek design – Decor is important for building motivation and embracing mindfulness at work. Our office pods come with elegant designs that will easily fit into any office and appeal to your employees.
  • Comfy furniture – We understand that comfort is what drives motivation. Therefore, we provide you with pods that are, indeed, cozy. But, if you have your own plans in mind, you can order most of our booths without office furniture and design the interior on your own.
  • A plethora of options to choose from – Every office needs different office pods, and installing a variety of types is good for building a flexible workspace where every employee and team might find the perfect space to work in. With our division into 1-person, 2-person, 4-person, 6-person, and even 8-person or 10-person pods, you can select the option tailored to your needs without overpaying for a booth that is larger than you’d like or having to squeeze into a pod that is too small.

The Takeaway

We hope that we dispelled any doubts you had about the price of an office pod. Choose a booth from our selection that truly suits your office, and feel free to contact us if you need more details – we are here to answer any questions you might have!

And, since you are interested in office pod prices, we recommend that you read our article on the future of workspaces!

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