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We've meticulously designed every aspect of the Home Pod, prioritizing superior acoustic technology, flexibility, and safety. The Home Pod features a mini sofa, designed for both comfort and support. It's paired with an organically shaped task desk.

Available in a soothing Morandi color palette, each detail is crafted to align with our clients' interior design visions. ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.

Installation can be achieved with two people in just 30-90 minutes. For pricing and availability of assembly/installation options in your area, please reach out to info@trythinktanks.com.

Financing is available during checkout through Affirm.

Internal Dimensions (in inches): 38"W x 32”D x 77”H

External Dimensions (in inches): 43"W x 35”D x 83”H

Weight: 440lbs

Load Bearing: 220lbs

Financing is available during checkout through Affirm.


Every Thinktank booth arrives in a shipping crate at the delivery address provided in approximately 8 to 10 weeks. For information about expedited shipping options, please contact: info@trythinktanks.com

Technical Specs

External Finish

6063-T5 aviation aluminum door frame with overall cladding technology-sound-insulation cloth; support by 15mm carbon polymer plastic panels & steel frame at the bottom.

Interior Finish

9mm thick polyester fiber sound absorption panel + wrap technology acoustic fabric

Acoustic Index

STC 25dB (±3dB) & RT0.25s (±0.1s)

Adjustable Daylight LED with a brightness of 4000K (150Lx).

Innovative full pavement technology for sound absorption, complemented by a carpeted finish.

Built with a 6063-T5 aviation aluminum frame and fortified with 3mm+3mm super white laminated acoustic glass.

Constructed with multi-layer solid wood, this adjustable-height desk ranges from 27.5" to 29.5" above the base panel. Its dimensions are 29.9" W x 14.9" D x 1.2" H.

Seamlessly integrated heavy-duty concealed hinges.

Promising constant fresh air, the pod circulates 30 m^3 of air every hour and is equipped with a Turbo fresh air system.

Motion Sensor
Features an infrared human body induction system, which ensures power turns off 5 minutes after detecting no occupancy.

Power Socket
Tailored for daily needs, the pod provides multiple socket outlets (five-hole type) equipped with USB ports.

The wheels on the Home Pod can be pulled out when you need it to move, and folded back in when the Pod is in its desired location.

Home office pod in beige (hazel) color

Home Pod


Take a video tour

Peek inside at the Home Pod's adjustable lighting and controls.

Environmentally friendly materials

We take pride in using recycled carbon plastic in all of our booths, including our Home Pods. This material not only exhibits outstanding moisture-proof and mold-proof properties but is also completely free from formaldehyde and emits zero benzene, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly environment.

Retractable wheels

The Home Pod can be quickly relocated; simply lower the leveling legs to activate the castors and roll it to your desired location.

Its wheels are securely attached to the base steel panel, supporting weights up to 220lbs.

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Everything you need

A cozy sofa and desk (which can be installed at several heights to suit your needs), as well as a directional lighting bar and a universal 110-240v power socket with USB, are available for all your working needs. To enhance energy efficiency, the pod is equipped with a PIR motion sensor, which automatically cuts off power after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Modular solutions for your space

Constructing an office in your home comes with one major disadvantage – you cannot move it freely. Our easy-to-assemble pod offers the perfect solution, whether you're reconfiguring your entire space or just redecorating. You can take them apart to be relocated or stored whenever you want, wherever you want for the ultimate flexibility.

Home office pod in the bedroom

Embrace elegance with our pods for home

Your workplace needs to be quiet, ergonomic and cozy--but your house might be filled with noisy distractions. Our home office pod consists of everything you need to get your job done. A comfortable chair, a desk, an air filtering system and soundproof walls. With a well-organized, cozy workspace in our soundproof pods for home, you can finally relax, be productive, and even enjoy your work.

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Office solutions for remote work

With numerous companies offering hybrid job opportunities, working from home has become a new standard. Yet, to do that effectively, it is essential to have a space dedicated purely to professional activities. Office pods for home are an ideal option – coming with all the furniture you need, they are an excellent choice for those individuals who desire to work from home comfortably.