Why Every Public Place Should Have a Nursing Pod

Why Every Public Place Should Have a Nursing Pod

Nursing pods are an excellent solution for breastfeeding moms, so it’s not surprising that they are becoming increasingly popular. At Thinktanks we also see how wonderful they are, and we believe that they should be installed in every public space. Why? You will discover that in this article, so read on to find out our insights.

Nursing Pods – A Convenient Space for the Mothers

Let’s start from the mothers’ point of view. Nursing pods create the perfect environment for women who do not want to give up on their regular life and responsibilities despite having a small child. Therefore, they fit perfectly into all public spaces and help mothers function in them. Take a look at a few examples:


Nursing pods in offices are perfect for working mothers. Combining a career with raising a child is challenging, but many mothers are up for this task. After all, they would get back to work after some time, so why delay it?

Nursing pods here serve as a double aid – they help both the mother and her coworkers. Here are some benefits of installing them in an office:

  • Comfortable, safe space for mothers – Offices often lack a free room for mothers nurturing their babies, usually because there is not enough room in total. But nursing pods don’t take up much space and offer complete privacy and comfort, making them the perfect place for working mothers.

  • Soundproof – The office hassle is loud enough itself, but a small baby crying adds to that. However, nursing pods are soundproof, so a baby crying for food won’t disturb the rest of the employees.

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are large, crowded, and we usually spend a lot of time in them. Even mothers have a hard time avoiding them; whether they need to buy groceries for the whole week, buy a new outfit, or simply visit a local service point, they will shop in malls every now and then. But what if their child needs feeding during one of these visits?

Usually, mothers can nurture their babies in special toilets, but…a toilet is still a toilet; it’s not the most comfortable or clean place, so many mothers fear that moment. Nursing pods are an answer to that, as they are designed with comfort and cleanliness in mind – they are simply superior than the alternatives.

Airports and Train Stations

Transfer hubs, airports, train stations, bus stations – these places are extremely loud. With notoriously loud announcements through the speakers, they can become unbearable. In such cases, nursing pods become a place where mothers can recharge their batteries (metaphorically and literally since such booths usually have USB outlets) while taking care of their babies.

Parks, Zoos, and Botanical Gardens

One of the main benefits of nursing pods is that they don’t require much to be installed – just an outlet to plug them in. This makes them a great solution for outdoor venues like parks and zoos, where constructing a special building designed for mothers with infants would be simply too expensive.

Sports Venues

A mother might want to watch a sports event, especially since many stadiums have dedicated family sectors. But, if there’s one thing we can say about sports venues, it’s that cleanliness in the toilets is often far from what mothers (or anyone really) would expect. Similarly to the case of shopping malls, nursing pods fill this niche perfectly, giving moms a safe space to nurture their children.

Streets and Sidewalks

We’re used to the concept of public toilets, but so too we should be with nursing pods. Installed on the most commonly visited streets, they’ll provide comfort for passing mothers who won’t have to search for a private space to nurture their babies hastily.

This is extremely important in tourist destinations. Mothers often get stressed when they need to feed their baby abroad, outside of a hotel or a restaurant, and nursing pods in the streets are an excellent answer to this problem, helping women have a truly relaxing vacation.

Nursing Pods – For the Comfort of Children

Mothers are not the only ones who benefit from nursing pods installed in public places – their children do as well. After all, these venues are…public, meaning that there are many people in them, often too many for the comfort of little ones.

In nursing pods, babies can relax – forget about the hassle, noise, and pace of the place outside. They can rest and fall asleep if they need to, and calm down if they become overstimulated by the crowd. No other solution for mothers with infants provides them with an opportunity like that.

The Takeaway

As you can see, in most cases, nursing pods are simply the best possible solution, being much more convenient and frequently less expensive than the alternatives. This is why we believe that they should be installed in every public space. It’s a win-win situation where both the mothers and the venue operators benefit.

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