Nursing Pods vs. Nursing Covers: Pros and Cons

Nursing Pods vs. Nursing Covers: Pros and Cons

Nursing pods and nursing covers both make it easier for mothers with little children to function in public spaces. However, as with everything, both of these have their pros and cons, and it might be difficult to determine which one is better at first glance. We aim to make this easier in this article, where we focus on discussing the benefits and drawbacks of both options. Are you interested? Then read on!

Nursing Pods vs. Nursing Cover: Pros

We’ll start by discussing the advantages that both of these offer. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at nursing pods first:

Nursing Pods

  • Comfort – Equipped with cozy seating, a table, and often USB outlets, breastfeeding nursing pods are often the most comfortable option for breastfeeding mothers. Add being soundproof to the mix, and you can get a higher level of comfort than even at home.

  • Privacy – Mothers enter a nursing pod, and they disappear from the outside world – they won’t be seen, nor heard. Even apartments in newer buildings don’t always provide as much privacy as nursing pods, so it is definitely an asset.

  • Cleanliness – One of the most essential benefits of nursing pods is their cleanliness. Designed with hygiene in mind, they are effortless to clean. But bear in mind that, in this case, it all depends on the frequency of cleaning services imposed in the particular venue.

  • Convenience – Often equipped with a mirror and some basic goods required for nursing, these booths usually provide mothers with everything they need to take proper care of their children.

Nursing Covers

  • Easy to carry – Carrying a nursing cover around is simple – it doesn’t weigh much and fits into a small handbag. This means that mothers can breastfeed their children whenever the need arises.

  • Simple cleaning – Maintaining hygiene with a nursing cover is simple – you put the cover into a washing machine, launch it, and voila –  it’s clean and ready for the next use.

  • Exclusiveness – Unlike other methods, a nursing cover is used only by you. There’s no risk of mixing with bacteria coming from other people, so your child can be fed safely.

  • Price – Nursing covers are inexpensive. Therefore, they are affordable for all mothers.

Nursing Pods vs. Nursing Covers: Cons

Now, let’s take a look at the downsides of both nursing pods and nursing covers.

Nursing Pods

  • Availability – Not every venue has a nursing pod installed, meaning that mothers have to rely on different solutions, for instance, breastfeeding in a bathroom. Plus, even if there is a nursing pod, mothers might need to wait in the queue.

  • Price – While nursing pods are relatively inexpensive for companies, they might cost too much for private use, so they serve their role mostly in public spaces.

Nursing Covers

  • Inconvenience – A baby is heavy, and with a nursing cover, you still need to carry your child. For some, it might be too much; for others, it’s just an inconvenience, but undoubtedly, it is a downside.

  • Hygiene – While it’s easy to wash a nursing cover, you cannot do it at all times. It’s easy to make them dirty due to the skin-to-skin contact, and during longer days out of home, you won’t be able to clean them.

  • Lack of privacy – A nursing cover protects your privacy and puts you on display simultaneously. Unfortunately, it’s still common for mothers breastfeeding their babies under nursing covers to attract attention, so it’s definitely a minus.

Nursing Pods vs. Nursing Covers: Comparison

We went through the pros and cons of both nursing pods and covers, so now let’s compare them. This will give you an insight into when and why to use each of them. Take a glance at the table below:

Nursing Pods

Nursing Covers

Comfort and convenience










As you can see, in most cases, nursing pods appear to be better than nursing covers. However, considering that the latter are portable, it is safe to assume that they are also a viable choice – especially when visiting a place without nursing pods on the spot.

The Takeaway

To sum it up, nursing pods are convenient, comfortable, clean and private, but they are not available everywhere and are sometimes too expensive to order for private use. Nursing covers, on the other hand, can be less hygienic and provide minimum privacy, but they make it up with their portability, price, and easy 

cleaning. Which one is better? It all depends on the situation that you are in. If you’re a mother, we recommend carrying a nursing cover with you but using pods when possible. If you run a public venue or an office instead, consider investing in a nursing pod.

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