Nursing Pods for Twins and Multiples

Nursing Pods for Twins and Multiples

Nursing pods come in many shapes and sizes, so it should not be surprising that there are also larger ones, fit to accommodate mothers with multiple children. Do you know how to find and use nursing pods for twins effectively? If not, read this article – we will discuss it here.

What You Need to Know About Nursing Pods for Twins and Multiples

If you have multiple children, you probably are aware of how difficult it is to take care of all your kids at the same time. This is when nursing pods for twins and multiples come in handy.

Being bigger than a standard one-child nursing pod, they are perfect for mothers with more than one child – no matter whether you breastfeed both your little gems at once or one at a time. Apart from that, they have all the other nursing pod features, including:

  • Soundproof walls – to provide you with maximum privacy.

  • Comfortable nursing station – equipped with an ergonomic desk and a cozy chair to make nurturing as comfortable as possible.

  • Air ventilation – to make sure that you and your child breathe in only fresh air.

  • Electronic locks – to let you nurture your child uninterrupted.

  • Easy-to-sterilize surfaces – to ensure that you nurture your baby in a clean environment.

Tips for Using Nursing Pods for Twins

Knowing that there are nursing pods that can accommodate you and both (or more) of your children, you should also learn how to use them effectively. This is why we have prepared a few tips that should help you.

  • Make sure that the pod is big enough inside – Sometimes, you might see a large nursing pod and automatically assume that it is designed for mothers with more than one child. In other cases it might be, for instance, an ADA nursing pod designed for women with disabilities. Either way, you should always check the interior first – take a look at the table/desk and make sure that there’s enough space for you to breastfeed both your children comfortably.

  • Get to know the nursing pod beforehand – It is a good idea to check the website of the venue that you’ll be visiting. Perhaps it will contain some photos of the nursing pod’s interior. If not, you might at least learn the brand and then look for similar pods online. This way, you will know whether the nursing pod has suitable space for all your needs, rather than finding out on-site – you can plan an alternative if the pod seems too small.

  • Bring wet wipes – While nursing pods are easy to clean, you never know whether you went in right before or right after routine sanitizing. Therefore, it’s wise for you to bring some disinfectant wet wipes with you and use them on the pod’s surfaces. This way, you will be sure that your twins are in a safe, clean environment.

  • Make the maximum use of the space – Nursing pods are for you, so don’t be afraid to use as much space as possible. Desks are a great place for your bag with nursing essentials, and the sofa is often big enough for both of your children, even if you feed one at a time. Simply find the most convenient and comfortable way for you.

  • Bring your stroller in – If the pod is large enough, don’t be afraid to take your stroller inside. It will be much more cozy than a desk for the child that you aren’t currently feeding, and most bigger pods are designed with easy access for strollers in mind. However, if you are planning to feed both twins at once, you might sometimes prefer to leave the stroller outside and have more space inside (depending on the pod size), so consider that possibility.

  • Respect other mothers' time – Breastfeeding is a great time to strengthen the bond with your children, but remember that other moms are also waiting. Don’t spend too much time in the nursing pods for twins and let other women use them as well – especially during the rush hours when there might be a queue.

The Takeaway

Having read this article, you are ready to find and use nursing pods for twins wherever they are. Remember to put all your nursing essentials into one easy-to-access bag – this will help you use the pods even more efficiently and carry a nursing cover with you – it can be a lifesaver in situations when a nursing pod is unavailable.

Did our tips prove helpful? If yes, you can read our article focused on using nursing pods while traveling – you will learn how to travel with your baby effortlessly.

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