Nursing Pods for Traveling Moms: Tips and Recommendations

Nursing Pods for Traveling Moms: Tips and Recommendations

Traveling with an infant comes with a few challenges – from navigating through transfer hubs like airports and train stations to finding the right, children-friendly accommodation. Breastfeeding is among the most difficult obstacles that you need to overcome – after all, you end up in a foreign place, and you cannot choose when your child needs to be fed. Nursing pods can be your remedy, but for them to be useful, you need to be well-prepared – and you will be if you follow the tips in this article. So, do not hesitate – read on!

11 Useful Nursing Pods Tips That Will Make Traveling with an Infant Much More Convenient

So, what should you bear in mind when traveling to make full use of nursing pods? How do you need to prepare? Here are our 11 tips that will help you travel effortlessly!

  • Do your research – Start your preparations by checking the websites of the airports, train stations, and bus hubs that you are going to travel through. This way, you will know which of them have nursing pods available and perhaps even find a map that helps you localize them.

  • Download a breastfeeding app – There are many applications available in Google Play and App Store designed for finding nursing pods near you. Plus, you might consider downloading a breastfeeding tracker – it will give you insights into the patterns in your routine and help you predict when your little one gets hungry.

  • Find alternatives – If you know for certain that there will be no nursing pods in a particular venue, look for alternatives. This way, you will know where to head, and you will avoid a lot of stress.

  • Keep your essentials in a nursing bag – When the time for breastfeeding comes, be ready. With all your essentials in a nursing bag, you’ll be able to feed your baby quickly and avoid any delays to your plans.

  • Use your time efficiently – Are there any layovers on your way? Consider using the nursing pods then. You don’t want to go to a nursing pod if you are short on time, so approach breastfeeding strategically. You can use the data from the breastfeeding trackers to estimate the best times for that and use your time even more efficiently

  • Charge your devices in nursing pods – Make the most of your breastfeeding time and plug in your devices when possible. After all, you’re on vacation, so you want to maximize your free time– and staying at the hotel waiting for your devices to charge isn’t fun, is it?

  • Carry a nursing cover – When no alternative is possible, a nursing cover will be an invaluable aid. Breastfeeding with your baby under it might not be the most comfortable option, but it can be a lifesaver. Plus, it has some benefits as well – read our article on nursing pods vs. nursing covers to learn more about them.

  • Get to know the law – While most countries have laws allowing breastfeeding in public spaces, and travel hubs usually have spaces designated for that, you should always get to know the related laws of the country you visit. You don’t want to do anything illegal, plus you might learn about laws that are actually beneficial for breastfeeding mothers.

  • Stay nourished – Traveling is exhausting, but it may affect the quality of your milk. Therefore, apart from finding the nursing pods, you have to take care of yourself as well. Keep a few snacks on you, and be sure to stay hydrated.

  • Consider traveling off-peak – Even if an airport or a train station has nursing pods, there might not be enough of them compared to the number of breastfeeding mothers traveling. You might end up in a long queue with your precious baby crying rather than quickly and comfortably nurturing your child. But, if you travel off-peak, the chances for such a situation drop significantly – so consider connections that are before or after rush hours.

  • Dress up with breastfeeding in mind – Sometimes, you will need to breastfeed your child with not much time left before your departure. If you do not wish to do it in a rush, we suggest wearing clothes that will let you nurture your child easily. It will be convenient, comfortable, and, most importantly, quick.

The Takeaway

Now, you should know how to prepare before your trip and how to navigate the world of nursing pods in a foreign destination. Use this knowledge to plan a merry, stress-free vacation and relax – after all, being a mother is a full-time job, so you deserve your rest.

And if you wish to learn more about nursing pods, check out our blog. You can read quite a few articles on this topic, such as: Why Every Public Place Should Have a Nursing Pod.

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