Is Soundproofing Really Worth the Money?

Is Soundproofing Really Worth the Money?

Is soundproofing worth the money? Yes, it is, as long as you use fine soundproofing materials and install them correctly. Through soundproofing, you may eliminate unwanted noise from your room or even decrease echoes and reverbs while improving overall sound quality (though sound absorption might be better in this case). In this article, we explore this topic further and present our arguments as to why soundproofing is indeed worth it. Interested? Read on!

Why Is Soundproofing Worth the Money?

Good soundproofing can be extremely beneficial. Therefore, as the reasons why it’s worth the money, let us start by enlisting the benefits that it comes with.

  • Improved focus – Peace and silence are the best conditions for focus and concentration, but you cannot achieve them without soundproofing. Normal walls, doors, and windows mitigate noise but still let some of it through, so the only way to completely cut off unwanted sounds while reading, working, or studying is to soundproof your space.
  • Better hearing – Although humanity is well aware of the air pollution problem, noise pollution is still somewhat overlooked while it is becoming a major issue. The world gets louder, and with it, the risks of hearing impairment, including hearing loss, and the only way to prevent that is to spend as much time in quiet environments as possible. By soundproofing your apartment or room, you get a safe space where you can give your hearing a rest from all the noise.
  • Relaxation – The world we live in is fast-paced, and it’s often difficult to even find work-life balance, not to mention time for hobbies and relaxation. This means that we usually don’t get to choose when we can rest – we just go with the flow. But if this flow is disrupted, perhaps by construction works outside of your house, or your neighbor practicing the drums, we fail to relax at all. Soundproofing can protect us from that by providing us with a peaceful space where we can lie down and enjoy our free time no matter what happens around us.
  • Wellness – The psychological effects of silence include alleviating stress, improving sleep quality, or even enhancing creativity. Since true silence can only be achieved by soundproofing, the benefits of silence become the benefits of soundproofing itself.
  • Freedom – If you live in an apartment complex and love playing piano, drums, or any other loud instrument, or like to engage in passionate discussions with your friends whom you invite every now and then, you probably realize that you cannot do it at any time. This is because you’d disturb your neighbors, who could even call the authorities on you. But thanks to soundproofed rooms, you can regain your freedom. With no noise going out, you can practice your music or organize gatherings whenever you wish without the risk of interrupting your neighbor’s sleep or relaxation time.
  • Sound quality – Despite sound absorption being better for this role, soundproofing also affects sound quality and can improve it. This is also why soundproofing solutions are often mixed with sound-absorbing and sound-diffusing ones.

Best Practices to Make Soundproofing Worth It

When discussing why soundproofing is worth the money, we have to underline that it needs to be done correctly to be truly effective. Therefore, we collected several best practices and tips to help you achieve the desired results.

  • Soundproof while building – If it’s possible, implement soundproofing solutions while building your house or room – the best materials for this purpose, like fiberglass, are installed inside walls, plus you can invest in special soundproof windows and thick, strong doors that are more effective than standard solutions. Simply: think about soundproofing from the start.
  • Use high-quality soundproof materials – Don’t invest in the most affordable panels, curtains, or blankets; instead, check the thickness, noise reduction coefficient, and transmission loss. Be sure to read our article on interesting facts about soundproofing to learn how decibels work in practice.
  • Soundproof with caution – While installing your soundproofing materials, do it with caution and try not to overdo them. If you place too many soundproofing materials, you will see a drop in sound quality.
  • Use natural materials – You won’t be able to fully soundproof your space without professional solutions, but you can reduce the number of materials you need by using natural sound blockers – furniture. Shelves with books or rugs can help you save a bit on acoustic panels or mats.

The Takeaway

So, as you can see, soundproofing is, indeed, worth the money. It can help you relax, focus, improve your mental health, and even protect your hearing from noise pollution. Therefore, it’s good to invest in soundproofing for at least one room in your house.

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