How Can Office Pods Boost Employee Wellness?

How Can Office Pods Boost Employee Wellness?

Employee wellness is a crucial element that any manager should focus on. The better the well-being of the workers, the more productive, happy, and motivated they are. Yet, noise, temperature, comfort, and lack of privacy may hinder it. Thus, managers must find ways to counter these negative factors. Office pods are one of the solutions therefore, in this article, we will focus on how to boost employees’ wellness by installing them. Read on to find out more.

What Can Affect Employee Wellness?

To understand the effect of office booths, we must first discuss the factors that influence employee well-being. Many of these elements are true for all workplaces, while some might occur only in certain offices. What should you, as a manager, be aware of?

  • Noise – The sound of typing, the conversations, the printers producing more and more copies of yet another document – all of these increase the feeling of fatigue of your employees.

  • Comfort – Back pain due to sitting on a mediocre chair, eye pain due to improper light intensity, or overly chilly room due to the AC – the less comfortable the workplace is, the more tired your workers are.

  • Privacy – Sometimes, it’s not the noise that poses a threat to your employees’ wellness in an open space, but it’s the lack of privacy. The stress that someone may approach you with a question while performing high-priority tasks, the constant fear that someone may comment on your work (especially true for introverts) – these factors affect the mental state of your employees and may lead to anxiety, depression, or even substance abuse.

  • Decor – The style of office furniture, or the colors of the walls are capable of affecting motivation, well-being, or even creativity. Nobody wants to sit in a room with plain white walls and basic chairs and desks, and signs of damage on the doors, furniture, or walls are demotivating. Although this is commonly overlooked, the decor truly matters in relation to the employees’ wellness.

How to Boost Employees’ Wellness by Installing Office Booths?

Productivity in office booths is often much higher than in traditional workspace, but this is not their only advantage. By working in the pods, it is possible to alleviate the negative impact of the previously mentioned distractors and therefore improve employee wellness. In what ways is it possible? Here are several examples:

  • Blocking noise – Office booths are designed to block sounds from going through their walls, no matter the direction. Therefore, they are the ideal place for individual employees to work in peace and for team meetings to brainstorm ideas without disturbing other employees. As a result, the overall noise level in the office drops, making work less tiresome and enhancing focus.

  • Boosting comfort – The finest employee booths are equipped with ergonomic desks, comfortable chairs and couches, or even TV stands. They are the perfect place for the employees to work in full comfort and coziness. As a result, the employees’ satisfaction is elevated, and their feeling of fatigue is alleviated.

  • Full privacy – When an employee is flooded with ASAP tasks, they may use office pods to their advantage. With nobody bothering them and full outside-noise cancellation, these priority tasks become significantly less stressful and the employees are relieved of a major part of the mental burden that often comes with short deadlines.

  • Relaxing design – Office pods simply look neat on the inside. They are prepared with productivity, employee well-being, and creativity in mind. Additionally, they might enable working in a completely new setting, such as backyard office pods which combine the comfort of the indoors with the peaceful and relaxing view of the outdoors.

The Importance of Employee Wellness in a Workplace

Knowing how to boost employee wellness by installing office pods, let us explain why you should do it. Good well-being comes with several benefits, such as:

  • Lower burnout risk – The better the employees’ wellness, the higher their motivation. But, if they return home exhausted, due to numerous sounds, stress, and discomfort, they are likely to start hating their job and thus suffer from the effects of burnout.

  • Fewer sick leave days used – Employees deserve their sick leave, but sometimes they just need it at the worst possible moment for you as an employer. Taking proper care of their well-being will visibly reduce the number of sick leaves in your workplace since the employees will feel better and thus their immune systems will be stronger.

The Takeaway

Office pods can boost your employees’ wellness by providing them with a private, quiet, stylish, and comfortable setting to work in. It is crucial to look after their well-being – it can affect their motivation, productivity, and health. Therefore, do not hesitate and introduce office booths in your workplace.

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