Creating a Zen Zone - Designing Relaxation Spaces in the Office

Creating a Zen Zone - Designing Relaxation Spaces in the Office

Zen, from Japanese zazen, means mindfulness combined with simplicity and living in the moment. A zen zone is thus a place where one can embrace these values and find inner peace. Creating one requires you to find the right space, then decorate and soundproof it while putting in equipment like desk fountains that will enhance calmness and focus on the inner self. Do you want to learn more? Then read on!

What Is a Zen Zone?

In simple words, a zen zone could be described as the relaxation room in your office but taken to the next level. Such a place should support mindfulness at work and let the employees blow off steam and relax during their breaks.

We said that a zen zone in the office is a relaxation room taken to the next level for a reason. It shouldn’t just have basic commodities – it embraces mindfulness to the fullest. This means adhering to all the senses, from smell through touch to taste. It’s a place that is so dedicated to relaxing that you know it from the moment you enter.

Why Do You Need a Zen Zone in the Office?

Creating a zen zone in the office has numerous benefits – let’s talk about them for a while. What are the perks that come with it?

Lower Chances of Employee Burnout

Employee burnout is a major problem, especially since it concerns mainly the most committed employees. Thankfully, creating a zen zone in the office can help you reduce the risk of that happening.

As a space devoted purely to relaxation and mindfulness, it lets your team members run away from their worries and all the pressure. It’s their safe space where they can peacefully release all their negative emotions. Engaging in such a cleansing experience every now and then will make them feel better about themselves and their work and avoid burning out.

Higher Employee Satisfaction

Even if someone won’t be a regular at your office zen zone, they will still appreciate the possibility of relaxing in such a space. And those employees who will make use of it will surely be much happier. As a result, your team members’ job satisfaction will grow and, thus, they will become less likely to look for a job change.

Improved Well-Being

A zen zone in the office will help your employees care for their well-being. As a result, they will be less likely to go on sick leave due to pressure or mental problems.

Better Productivity

Finally, a refreshing, empowering experience in the zen zone leads to your employees having more energy for the rest of the day. This translates to higher productivity – tasks done more quickly and with greater attention to quality.

How to Create a Zen Zone in the Office?

A zen zone should be an element of every mindful workspace, so if you’re wondering how to create it, here are our tips!

Pick the Right Space

Firstly, consider what your employees will be doing in the zen zone. Will it only be simply relaxing, or perhaps they might want to meditate? You need to tailor the size of the zone to the needs of your workers.

Secondly, consider the location of your zen zone. It should be easily accessible by members of all teams. On the other hand, you should also pick a room away from the regular hassle, as it will save you time and money on soundproofing.

Soundproof Your Zen Zone

After you find the perfect space, make sure it is soundproof. This is for two reasons:

  • you don’t want the noise from the rest of the office disturbing those in the zen zone,
  • you don’t want the sounds from the zen zone disturbing the rest of the office.

Install some aesthetically pleasing (more on that in a minute) acoustic panels, to make sure that sounds don’t travel through the walls. Consider this move after you’ve put in all the furniture – some of it might help reduce the noises itself, and only after furnituring your room, will you know the true state of acoustics in your zen zone.

Place the Right Furniture and Decorations

In this case, you need to focus on all the senses possible. So, the office furniture you place should be:

  • comfortable,
  • from different materials – to offer different touch sensations,
  • in various colors – to offer different visual sensations.

The same goes for decorations. That’s why we’ve mentioned that acoustic panels need to be aesthetically pleasing.

Put Some Snacks in It

If you can, it’s good to have some snacks ready in your zen zone. This will help those who are most sensitive to taste and touch, as it will enable them to practice mindful eating.

Add Some Extras to Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

The previously mentioned desk fountain, some scent candles, and even some music – all of these will build the atmosphere in your office zen zone.

It’s also good to add some pillows and mats for those who would like to meditate inside. But remember – don’t overdo any of this. After all, not everybody will like a strong scent or loud music.

The Takeaway

A zen zone should appear in every office possible. With our tips, you know why and how to create one, so get down to work – your employees will appreciate it.

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