How does assembly work for Thinktanks™?
The units are assembled with a hand drill in approximately 1 hour.

What is the average assembly time?
Assembly time is approximately 1 hour to build any of the conference booths.

How does shipping work for Thinktanks™?
All of our booths ship out from our eco-friendly factory right here in the United States. Every Thinktank™ arrives in a flat packed shipping box for your convenience.

What is the Thinktanks™ shipping lead time?
Phone Booth (1 Person)

Standard Shipping = 45 days (due to high demand)

Conference Room (2 Person)
Standard Shipping = 45 days (due to high demand)

Conference Room (4 Person)
Standard Shipping = 45 days (due to high demand)

How do you calculate shipping?
We charge flat rates depending on customer location. 

How do you insulate the walls of your rooms? 
All of our Thinktanks™ rooms are insulated with recycled blue jean denim (AKA R13) which has exceptional breathability and sound dampening properties. 

Are your rooms Eco-Friendly? 
Yes, our rooms are Eco-Friendly. We source exclusively from local suppliers and continually research to find the most eco-friendly materials available on the market. We source materials from the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City and Los Angeles.  All of the woods that are used in the room is sourced from USA forests.  

What type of glass is used for your office conference rooms?
The clear roof is made of a highly impact resistant safety plexiglass that allows employees to see out, and it also lets light in. The door is also made from extremely durable tempered safety glass.

Do your office booths have a ventilation system?
Yes, the rooms have an advanced thermostat cooling system that will keep you relaxed during long meetings or private personal sessions. 

What type of electrical requirements are needed to power the office conference room?
Your new Thinktanks™ rooms
needs to be plugged into a regular 110V outlet. 

What electrical outlets are available inside the room once powered? 
Once your new room is plugged
in to an electrical outlet, you can start using multiple three prong outlets and multiple fast charging USB ports.

Are your office conference booths easily movable?
Yes! People often slide them around the office using EZ slider pads! The Thinktanks™ rooms can be disassembled and moved all around the office or taken with you to your new location. You only need a hand drill to disassemble. 

Can you easily disassemble the office conference room?
Yes you can! They are designed to be assembled and disassembled very quickly.  

How long is the power cord for the Thinktanks™ unit?
The power cord that extends out of the back of the unit is 10 feet long.

Do you offer any Warranties?

Yes, we offer a Full 3 Year Warranty on all of our Thinktanks™ and stand behind our product's durability and structural integrity.