4-6 Person Pod


Product Description:
Thinktanks promote thoughtful brainstorming, uninterrupted creativity, and all-around mental wellness. The 4-person pod is the perfect solution for real face time and complete privacy.

Focused collaboration.

Created for four to six people to inspire distraction-free, face-to-face meetings.

External Size:

Height: 2300 mm (90.55 inches)
Width: 2200 mm (86.61 inches)
Depth: 2136 mm (84.09 inches)

Internal Size:

Height: 2140 mm (84.25 inches)
Width: 2040 mm (80.31 inches)
Depth: 2100 mm (82.68 inches)

Total Weight: 850lbs

Powered by:
Any standard wall outlet

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