Privacy and Comfort: The Benefits of Nursing Pods in Public Places

Privacy and Comfort: The Benefits of Nursing Pods in Public Places

Nursing pods have become a preferred, efficient solution in many public spaces and offices. Yet, such popularity does not come from nowhere. It is due to their advantages that many managers decided to install them. So, what are the benefits of nursing pods? We discuss them in this article, so we encourage you to read on.

Nursing Pods: What Are They?

Nursing pods are specially designed booths created with the needs of mothers with infants in mind. They consist of furniture and essential equipment that mothers need to breastfeed and take care of their youngest children.

The particular equipment and features of different nursing pods may vary. Yet, in general, they are a comfortable and private space that allows mothers to nurse their babies undisturbed. Thus, it should not be surprising that the list of benefits that they come with is long.

What Are the Benefits of Nursing Pods?

Nursing pods can truly enhance the comfort of mothers, no matter whether they are installed in offices (for those who combine work with motherhood) or in public spaces (for all mothers who need to navigate through them). What exactly are their benefits?


One of the main concerns of working mothers or those traveling with their children to airports, shopping malls, or other public places is privacy – there is simply no place to nurture infants away from the eyes of other people. A nursing pod solves this problem.

Being soundproof and sightproof, nursing pods provide mothers with the highest possible level of privacy. The women using them don’t need to worry about their babies crying, somebody waiting for them to leave (as in the case of toilets – mostly used when no nursing pods can be found), or drawing any kind of attention from the people around.


If you know how to choose a nursing pod, you probably realize how comfortable they are for the mothers. Designed particularly for women with infants, they come equipped with everything mothers need – a table of the right size, cozy seating, and shelves, which you can equip with nursing essentials.

Moreover, many nursing pods are designed for mothers with strollers, making them easily accessible. This way, they are simply a place better than any other for those women, who need to or want to nurture their children in public venues.


Whether it is employee or customer satisfaction, you can improve it and benefit by installing nursing pods. How exactly does it work?

  • Employee satisfaction – Working mothers are a vital part of any company, so they need to feel appreciated, and, as any other employee, they want the employer to create optimal working conditions for them. By installing a nursing pod, it becomes possible; thus, the mothers feel valued and become much more motivated. As a result, their productiveness rises along with their well-being, truly pushing your business forward and helping you keep valuable employees.
  • Customer satisfaction – The rise of programs such as ASQ for airports and the widely underlined importance of customer-centricity make it clear that your aim as a business owner is to build excellent, personalized experiences. And, what is a better way of doing that for mothers with infants than by providing them with safe spaces dedicated purely to their needs? It will not only make them happier but also much more likely to return to your mall, airport, or restaurant, building your business a loyal, satisfied customer base.


Selecting and preparing a separate room for mothers with children would not be practical, would it? You would need a lot of space that would not be used for other purposes, making it effective only if your premises are visited by many mothers with infants daily. Yet, it does not have to be a problem.

One of the main benefits of nursing pods is that they do not occupy much space. You may place them wherever you wish (as long as there is access to an energy source), and they compress everything mothers need in as little space as possible. Therefore, you will barely feel the effects of installing a nursing pod regarding space management, while the women who visit your office or mall will feel the benefits to the fullest.

The Takeaway

What are the benefits of nursing pods in public places? Comfort and privacy for the mothers, along with higher customer or employee satisfaction and better space management. They can significantly enhance the experience of mothers with children who visit your premises, without affecting how your mall or office functions. Thus, they are the perfect solution.

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