Office Pod Maintenance: Keeping Your Workspace in Top Shape

Office Pod Maintenance: Keeping Your Workspace in Top Shape

A clean, safe working environment is a good working environment. Whether it is a desk in an open space, a cubicle, or an office booth, you must care for the workspace. It is especially true about the places that contain many technological solutions, such as office pods. Therefore, in this article, we will focus on office pod maintenance. What should you check and how often should you do it? Learn that by reading this post.

The Importance of Office Pod Maintenance

Office booths are more than just four soundproof walls, a desk, and some chairs. The air filtering systems and the lighting are also a part of them. However, if these elements malfunction, the safety of your employees and the whole office is endangered. A spark from damaged wiring may cause a fire, and a dirty air filter may make your workers sick. Therefore, regular office pod maintenance is critical. Only through it may you prevent these life-threatening situations from happening.

Additionally, office booth maintenance is also crucial for the comfort of your employees. A neat and clean pod will elevate their moods, while a dirty, neglected one may lower their spirits.

How to Keep Your Office Booths in the Top Shape?

In order to ensure that your office pods are well-maintained, you have to conduct regular checks and fix all the issues as quickly as possible. To make it easier for you, we have prepared a list of aspects that you should look into, which you may see below.


The first element of office pod maintenance is keeping it clean. For this, you should schedule regular vacuuming, washing, and garbage removal. We advise you to do this at least once per week, though the frequency should depend on how often the booths are used.


You should also schedule regular maintenance for safety risks. This should include checking for any exposed wires or damaged outlets. While it may be performed by a maintenance worker, when any issues are found, don’t hesitate to call a qualified electrician. Do not ignore any electricity-related issues – they not only lead to fire hazards but also to lower energy efficiency of the booths. If it is impossible to fix a wiring problem immediately, cut the pod off its power source and wait for the specialist to come and fix it.

Additionally, the safety check should also include inspecting all the smoke detectors. During a fire, a person sitting in a soundproof booth might not learn about the hazard on time, since no sounds from the outside will reach them. Therefore, the sensors (preferably IoT, connected with other detectors in the office), should be regularly checked to ensure that they work properly.


Next, you should check the lightbulbs. Do they all work? Are there any signs that prove that the system was damaged? This is especially important in the summer – with the days being long, it might be difficult to observe any changes in the regular course of work, so you should introduce checks dedicated purely to that. You may also consider combining them with the wiring inspections.

Acoustic Panels

Every office pod maintenance should include taking proper care of the acoustic panels. They need to be cleaned regularly, according to the producer’s instructions, to fully maintain their soundproofing capabilities.

Pest Control

Ants, rodents, and insects are a common problem in modern offices. Yet, even the best preventive measures might sometimes be not enough to protect your space from their invasion. Therefore, your office booth maintenance should include pest control – searching for a potential pest problem and eliminating had it occurred.

The Takeaway

If you wish for your office pods to last for years, providing your employees with comfortable conditions for brainstorming and phone calls, ensure that they are maintained regularly. Go through the safety measures, establish a cleaning routine, exchange the air filters regularly, and take proper care of the acoustic panels – only this way you will ensure that the office booths are in top condition.

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