Why Employees Need Office Phone Booths

article on why employees need office booths

Welcome to the era of the office phone booths, meeting pods and quiet spaces. The standard open office with a few conference rooms scattered about is no longer considered acceptable by those individuals who seek to drive real innovation inside their organization. Countless studies on productivity and focus have been done over the last twenty years and we've simply reached a tipping point where it can no longer be denied that open plan offices were in many ways a bad idea.

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Phone Booth for Open Office: Why are They Important?

Yes, it true that open offices foster interpersonal communication and help teams stay more connected, but they also drastically increase employee error rates and stress levels. And it's common sense that they do. It's nearly impossible to focus on crafting the perfect email when Bob is taking phone calls all day behind you. The ideal work environment is one where the office design has taken into consideration the fact that most people work best when they feel they have control over their environment. When everyone is trapped in the same open space, it's pretty hard to maintain that sense of control. 

Privacy pods are one of the best ways to provide employees with the personal space they often need to really focus on their work. Did you know that 69% of Americans claim they struggle hard to focus at work, and more than 30% of millennials report spending up to 2 hours a day on their cell phone? Why are people so distracted? Well, it's simple, really. There is simply too much going on around the average worker. Every little sound, every person walking by, every quick hello is another distraction they have to fight against. 

You might say to yourself, "Our office is pretty quiet, I think people are focused." This is a common assumption. You might be interested to learn that in a recent study of more than 100 offices, 66% of employees reported that they haven't reached out to their manager about feeling distracted in the workplace

Whether you invest in a telephone booth, meeting rooms or a full-on conference room, it's about more than just acoustic walls. These phone booth solutions bring relaxation and a sense of well-being to those individuals who use them. It's ultimately about providing your employees with a place to do their thinking without interruptions.

The acoustic wall panels allow for easy phone calls or video conferencing. Have an office in Finland and need to jump on a call to New York but don't want to take up an entire conference room, or annoy the whole office by talking out in the open? That's exactly why these modular space companies are on the rise. The open office design makes it really hard for individuals to be effective when they're constantly battling distractions.

Telephone booth in office is crucial

Discover ThinkTanks and Their Reliable Phone Booths

The open floor plan offices around the world spend billions every year on furniture and interior lighting to make the office look more visually appealing, but what about the hard-working employees who have to work in the open office environment? If you ask the average worker who has to handle video conferences and phone calls on a daily basis if they would rather have cool lights and a special chair or a ThinkTank we can guarantee you they'll pick the ThinkTank almost every time. How do we know? We've asked more than a thousand people if they'd prefer an entirely new setup (new office desk, chair, and light) or a Thinktank.  94% of individuals chose the Thinktanks. While it did make us happy to see the result, it wasn't surprising, our products are extremely useful to those individuals who don't have access to them on a regular basis. Made from solid locally sourced eco-friendly wood, our acoustic phone booths are perfect for taking important calls, handling private conversations, increasing your office privacy, taking private phone calls. Froget about stepping into the street or hallway to make your important calls. 

Our phone booth workstations have ventilation systems, acoustical panels, glass doors, glass ceilings, USB and AC plugs, thermostat controls and stainless steel handles. They're flat packed and shipped out in days to companies all over the world. When you buy from us you can guarantee you're getting a very high-quality product that's built by people who care about the environment and your mental health at work. We believe there is nothing more incredible than good ideas. Good ideas can change the world for the better and we seek to help as many people as possible find the solace they need to find their next big idea. We're not concerned with press releases or making profits, we're concerned with making our customers happy and giving them foundational tools to fuel their ingenuity and creativity. 

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