Nursing Pod Features: What to Look for When Choosing One

Nursing Pod Features: What to Look for When Choosing One

A nursing pod is an excellent solution for workplaces and public space, allowing mothers to take care of their children comfortably and in privacy. Yet, as in any other case, selecting the right nursing pod is crucial. In this article, we look into this in more detail. How to choose a nursing pod that will meet mothers’ demands and expectations? Find it out below.

Why Should You Get a Nursing Pod?

Before we answer how to choose a nursing pod, we need to explain why you should order one in the first place. It is all connected to the modern lifestyle.

Nowadays, women do not desire to give up their careers after giving birth to their children. Yet, combining parenting and work is difficult. Thus, employers are responsible for providing women with opportunities and the finest conditions to manage these two tasks effectively. Privacy office pods might not be enough, so breastfeeding pods present a better alternative.

It is also of no lesser importance for those managing public spaces – airports, shopping malls, municipal offices. The list of benefits of nursing pods in such places is long – from increasing satisfaction to attracting mothers to a business. Therefore, the choice must not be random – the pods must be as excellent as possible.

How to Choose a Nursing Pod?

Finally, let us move to the main theme of this article – selecting the right nursing pod. There are several factors that you should take into consideration when making the choice. What exactly should you focus on?


Breastfeeding is something that most women do not wish to do on display. Therefore, breastfeeding pods must provide enough privacy. We do not only mean walls that cover mothers from the sight of strangers but also a proper lock that will prevent any unwanted interactions. Soundproofing is also critical – for some mothers, a pure thought that somebody may hear them can be highly stressful. By providing pods that absorb the sounds, both from the outside and inside, you will improve the mental comfort of the mothers using them.

Convenience and Comfort

The second crucial aspect to consider when choosing a nursing pod is how conveniently it is designed. Is the desk or table at the right height? Does the chair provide enough comfort? These are the questions that you should ask yourself. Nursing may take time and is tiring itself, but it becomes utterly exhausting when done in uncomfortable conditions. To avoid that, you must ensure that the booth you opt for is practical and comfy.


Nursing pods have to be cleaned frequently. Therefore, they need to be prepared with sanitization in mind. No mother will risk putting her child in a pod of disputable cleanliness, so it is your role to maintain it, and for some surfaces, this is simply easier. Thus, when selecting the pod you wish to install, you should also focus on the materials it is made from.

Look at the furniture, the floor, and the walls and ask yourself: “How difficult will it be to clean them?” If the answer is “easy,” then this is the right pod for you. Ignoring this factor when choosing your pod may result in nobody using it due to its poor state or extreme effort put into maintaining cleanliness, so do not overlook it.

Air Ventilation

Nursing a child may take a lot of time. Yet, pods are a tight, closed space with limited access to fresh air. Therefore, to ensure they are comfortable and suitable, you need to choose ones equipped with excellent air ventilation systems capable of quick, efficient, and quiet air filtering.

Additional Perks

The role of a nursing pod is to provide mothers with a comfortable, safe space to take care of their children. Thus, any additional elements that may further increase their experience are more than welcome, and you should consider them when selecting the pod for your workplace.

The possible features that you should look for are shelves where you can place the essential nursing supplies, easy access for strollers, or charging ports for mothers who need to spend a bit more time looking after their babies. Even a tiny cloth hook is an asset since it can enhance the comfort of the users of your pod.

The Takeaway

You should now know how to choose the finest nursing pod for your office, mall, airport, or any other type of space. Show working mothers that you care about them and boost their happiness by building a space where they can truly take care of their children. They will appreciate it, so do not hesitate.

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