Exploring the Best Office Phone Booths of 2024

Exploring the Best Office Phone Booths of 2024

What is the best office phone booth available at Thinktanks? We recommend our Zoom Room, an ideal combination of comfort and space efficiency. However, there are many other phone booths that are also worth considering. What are they? We will explore the range of options in our article – read on to discover the best phone booth for your office.

The Best Office Phone Booths

The better the work conditions, the more efficient your office is. The psychological effects of silence and physical comfort can be a make or break for your company; therefore, it is crucial to ensure that these two are on the highest possible level. To do that, you can leverage soundproof pods. Therefore, below, we present a list of the best office phone booths from our offer – ones that will improve the well-being of your employees and help you achieve better results.

  • Zoom Room – The first on our list is our Zoom Room, a comfortable option for one user. This is one of the best office phone booths because it does not require much space but is big enough to let you sit comfortably in a chair. It has everything your employees need during calls: outlets, a ventilation system, lighting, and acoustic panels. It is perfect for companies where long calls are a part of everyday routine.

  • 6 Person Pod – Sometimes, it’s not the case to make a 1v1 phone call – your whole team needs to meet with a client. But doing this from 1-person booths would be ineffective – you’d quickly have all the pods booked, and other employees would have nowhere to go to make a call. This is why we believe our 6 person pods are the second-best option in your office. They take some space, but not as much as the 8- or 10-person ones, they can be equipped with a TV bracket to make joint calls easier, and they are versatile – you can use them for smaller teams as well, and when there is no need for larger booths, they can serve as a 1-person pod. This is the perfect mix of versatility and convenience.

  • Standard 1 Person Booth – Our one-person phone booth will also be an excellent choice. It’s equipped with basic furniture, making it the ideal place for short calls. To add to that, this simple booth takes little space, so you will seamlessly fit it into your office. Do your employees often handle short calls and lack a quiet space to answer them? Then a few 1 person booths should solve this problem!

  • Backyard Office Pod – A beautiful coat of pearl white snow embracing the trees around or the magnificent view of nature waking up to life during spring – this is what your employees may see if you get a backyard office pod. This is one of the best phone booths if you do have a piece of nature on your premises. Working in such a space enhances creativity and drives productivity, lifts the mood, and motivates – simply, it’s a wonderful choice for your office, a unique way to evoke happiness in your workplace.

  • Home Pod – We mustn’t forget the home pod, the solution for any home office. Like other office phone booths on our list, this one is also soundproof. This means that you can peacefully make a call at home even if you have little kids, loud neighbors, or construction works right outside your window – you’ll have a quiet place to complete your task or jump on Zoom.

Why Our Office Phone Booths?

Seeing the list of our best office phone booths, you might wish to learn the answer to one crucial question: why purchase pods from Thinktanks? Let us explain all the advantages.

Firstly, we understand how your employees’ well-being affects their productivity and retention. Therefore, all our booths are designed with comfort as the priority. The finest soundproofing qualities, cozy furniture, and excellent air ventilation system – these are not here for us to boast about; these are here because each of these elements, though separately small, builds the big picture: your employee experience.

Secondly, our pods will fit your decor and help you build a company image of your choice. With our booths, you will embrace style while still gaining the perks of a comfortable and fully soundproof booth.

The Takeaway

With our list of the best office phone booths, you now realize the full potential and range of choice between soundproof pods. The decision depends only on your needs and the situation in your office – whether you select our Zoom Room or Backyard Office Pod, you will be making a good choice.

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